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Vinwiki Found The Missing Jr Garage | Vinwiki Found Another Stolen - At Up-Tube.com

VINwiki found the missing JR Garage VINwiki found another stolen 2 months ago   12:52

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On Friday, VINwiki released this story https://up-tube.com/upvideo/kDs5Fe0RgpZ) about the guys from JR Garage trying to buy a damaged Lamborghini Aventador from a broker in Nebraska. The VINwiki app community came together to figure out the true story.

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Comments 1854 Comments

Jim McCormick
wow..... you gotta have cajones the size of a 72 buick electra to pull off a stunt like that
Damaion Falkner
Good ol Preston
Banker: “we are the only people who will give you a loan”

Broker “hold my beer”
Real winner is the truck driver 😂😂😂 $700 for some texts
Roblox Name Is Adrian50352
I live in dallas

Edit: i love deep elum
"No ones that fascinating" the reason i stopped watching dde 🤷‍♂️
Coleton Barnes
Thats so funny! He lives in omaha ive seen that car around town many times!
No More BS Please
He got a zero interest loan for free. No mystery here.
Thomas Gadsby
The broker is smooth...at least he gave there money back..he could have screwed them..my dream car is a 70 's full size lincoln...only because i have an image in my head and i want to build a bad ass custome from 1.
good lord what a story..
vinwiki is the best detective agency on earth!
Black Swan
Post the broker's name on your group and blacklist him?
Chris Koustis
This story blows my mind
Mister Old Skool Ryder
Where's the shop located in Atlanta?
Lucky bastards
Hotep Cicero
Ed is the man! Now please never have JR Garage on ever again lol
What a truly *bizarre* story!
glen phillips
Sounds like the seller was Charley Babbitt from rainman
Bas bzb
great, fuck jr
tyler durden
He is talking about you street speed at the beginning
Loui Cruz
He wanted to say “hood” at 4:30
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VINwiki found another stolen VINwiki found the missing JR Garage 2 months ago   11:28

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