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Mike Tyson's Intimidating Aura | How Mike Tyson Avenged Muhammad - At Up-Tube.com

Mike Tyson's Intimidating Aura How Mike Tyson avenged Muhammad 1 month ago   08:07

SmB Boxing
#BoxingStories #MikeTyson #Intimidation

Mike Tyson used his intimidating aura to give himself an added advantage, before and during a fight.

YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/c/SmBBoxing
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/SmB_Boxing

Tracks Used (In Order)
Kevin MacLeod - Hall of the Mountain King
Kevin MacLeod - Darkest Child
Temper Beats - Dormant
Temper Beats - Troubled

Temper Beats Youtube Channel:

Comments 834 Comments

SmB Boxing
This is the first of about 10-15 videos that i'll be gradually remastering with commentary, while also uploading new videos.This was part of series about mind games in boxing that i did in 2017.I thought it was a pretty cool story to tell with more context and footage.
Papa Khan
Put Mike in smash. Then he can have a proper rematch with Mac
Hb Rich
Hoe no
Yooo... Was that nigga really rocking a blazer with no shirt under it, but still wearing a fucking bow tie? What a nutty ass dude. lmfao
Always in my opinion The Best And Greatest of all time
Gamer's Pro File
"This sounds is deafening, I won't try to shout over it." *Continues shouting, completely unbothered*
Chris Graham
6:04 mike came out ready to just mortal kombat uppercut my manz
Peter Greene
I dearly wanted to box
Peter Greene
If i didnt have a mother or a father I would be the next mike tyson
Snake Plissken
I lived through the 60's and 70's and 80's and 90's of boxing. It was my life.

In all the years of following boxing Mike Tyson was the absolute best in his prime. He was absolutely psychotic and an amazing animal.

BUT, Mike Tyson fell into the same trap as Rocky Balboa did in Rocky III. Once he became the champion and had $60 million sitting in the bank...and his trainer died (Cus D'manto)....Tyson just couldn't recover. Once Don King locked his fangs into Tyson it was downhill from there and that is why Buster Douglas beat him in 1990.
I. Wynn Wynn
Look how much shorter mike is than all of his opponents! No matter how physco he was and is he was short for a heavyweight.
Pussy ass floyd would not want to get in the ring with Tyson. The ending was the best .😂😂😂😂
Chris Martinez
Met Tyson in Vegas , he’s a chill dude compared to him inside the ring lol
Karl Thompson
Very well produced !
Splittine63 Splittine64
I was the 999th dislike :(
This dude can kill an elephant with his punch
MMJ ExoticPets
What’s the name of the beat starting at 1:55?
@5:16 mister donald trump?
He was an animal, and his fighting style was unmatched.
Kyle Duke
Goose pimples?
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How Mike Tyson avenged Muhammad Mike Tyson's Intimidating Aura 1 month ago   13:05

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In 1980, the era of Mohammed Ali was completed. The new world champion, his former sparring partner Larry Holmes, was on his way to the boxing throne. It was Holmes who became the first and only boxer who was able to end the fight with Ali before the gong and in his own favor...

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