Mike Tyson's Intimidating Aura How Mike Tyson avenged Muhammad 5 months ago   08:07

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Mike Tyson used his intimidating aura to give himself an added advantage, before and during a fight.

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SmB Boxing
This is the first of about 10-15 videos that i'll be gradually remastering with commentary, while also uploading new videos.This was part of series about mind games in boxing that i did in 2017.I thought it was a pretty cool story to tell with more context and footage.
Mike Murphy
Spinks got destroyed
Mike Murphy
He had a reason to be afraid
Cosmic Thanos
2020 his "Observation Haki" is still strong you've been warned.
Geo Mag
I thought butch looked like a complete fucking dick bag then because of how he was dressed and as i see this video and see him again my opinion hasnt changed
Van Maul
3:54 That was unexpected lol
SoulflY 99
so cool what a legend tho
noneya business
Mike only fought low lever fighters and first timers that needed exposure. When he fought seasoned fighters he lost! His fights were all promotion.
Vitruvius Antarchius
That neck gave him superpowers.
Legend has it that Mike Tyson even intimidated his reflection and made him get a new job as a shadow
Gehteuch Nixan
DJ Harris
"headlights!" - that deer.
Im glad and honored to be alive and seemed him in his game. Mike Tyson the best and hardest hitter of all time, he lost because he just wasn't that into it.
C Burch
I'm scared for Tyson's opponents, even if they're not.
Dimp RNW
Damn you really can see the fear. Also Kill Count?
Anderson C
Tyson in his prime....was definitely intimidating his opponents. You could literally see the fear on the faces of most of the fighters he fought. Something I've never seen in any other fight. Not between Ali and his opponents. In any UFC fight. Both fighters always looked cocky...ready to go. But with Tyson...This was something they should have borrowed for Rocky 4...which would have made "Ivan Drago" seem even more intimidating. Instead he looked around like he was looking at some menu at some fast-food stall..Imagine if Tyson was taller...heh...
John The Don
Spinks looked like he was walking to his funeral & thanked everybody that came out, Tyson was just ready to do what he was born to do ..
david fortuin
Mike was rage and destruction incarnate in his prime.
Arvind Sharma
Just Imagine if the accidentally plays Stone cold entrance song
Abram Porras
Mike holding back the punch was very cash money if him
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How Mike Tyson avenged Muhammad Mike Tyson's Intimidating Aura 5 months ago   13:05

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In 1980, the era of Mohammed Ali was completed. The new world champion, his former sparring partner Larry Holmes, was on his way to the boxing throne. It was Holmes who became the first and only boxer who was able to end the fight with Ali before the gong and in his own favor...

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