FOOD FIGHT! Messy Food Escape the Babysitter! Babysitter Showdown! 1 week ago   11:18

Fantastic Adventures
Elijah is at home when he starts to feel hungry, so he wants some cake! But it turns out the cake is for a party, and he isn't allowed to have any until it starts. He decides to make himself a Fruit Ninja salad while he waits, but after making a mess, him and summer start to have a Food Fight! Throwing tons of junk and messy foods! But as they finish the battle... something comes out of all the food on the floor.... it's some sort of Food Creature.... Will they take it down?

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Have you ever had a food fight?



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Colton Quick
Best video of the year 😜
لؤي بقدلية
Anhad Singh
Edward Jiang
This video is so funny!
Parminder Hastings
My favourite is food fight was the Apple food fight
One time I made a even bigger mess
deasia ancrum
Hellfuof9i good outcuotd6rfk
Akshat gaming
the little one is so cute
Joshua Mitchell
V. C. B v. K
Marena 00MG
You are wasting Food why
konnor sanders
Konnor 🇨🇫🇨🇩🇨🇷🇨🇴
Kris Gonzales
My favorite toy is the star wars toys
james okechukwu
Your mom and dad better buy food and better get rid of that monster and your dad might be really mad after you drop that cake 🎂 on him I would buy.. 🥬🍅🍑🍉🍓🍈🍍🥭🍆🥑🥦🥕🌽🌶🥐🍠 and ya
Mulange Drysile
DJ Tellez007
ma socorro dino
Hello 👋
Tony Le
How about you guys you guys are too crazy
autumn meyer
I hope they pined it
Veronica Herrera
Mutagen Kid
Wow, how long did it take to clean up😅😅
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Escape the Babysitter! Babysitter Showdown! FOOD FIGHT! Messy Food 1 week ago   13:01

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