LeBron James & Lonzo Ball LaMelo Ball GETS SUPER 7 months ago   10:37

December 15, 2018 | LeBron James & Lonzo Ball TRiPLE-DOUBLE Together! Lakers vs Hornets FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
LeBron With 24 Pts, 12 Rebs, 11 Asts, Lonzo With 16 Pts, 10 Rebs, 10 Asts, 5 Stls, 2 Blks!
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Alan Cobain
How could the lakers trade Lonzo 😂 he was developing! Cmon now
Zo, Lebron, Ad, and kuz we would’ve been 🔥
Ronj Riva
Lance’s dunk damnnn Mj style
Five Fingered Gaming
Who's here after lonzo gone? Rip
jakob damon
no doubt that if they were all healthy they would have been atleast the 4th seed
lucky C bro
Lonzo ball is garbage. 30% from the field 50% from the line that's garbage
Skusta XavierYT
8:11 lol lakers bench reaction after svi stole the rebound from zo HHAAHAHA
kevin vo
Lonzo gonna be great, just wait on it
7:21 HELL NAW!!! 😂😂😂
Cucumber InAss
Now it is Lonzoion
Aaron Hope
Wish we just kept Zo :(
Nicholaus Bell
The first duo on the lakers to get triple doubles since Kareem and Magic
orlie vie quirante
but for now goodbye lonzo ingram lakers wrong move for 2019 free agency for the big 3 superstar we will see what happened in the playoffs but i love lonzo ball kuzma ang ingram
Antonio Jarbo
Byron Mejia
He traded yo ass😂
The hug of Judas.
Damian Trzos
Anyone hear that sound after lebrons dunk at 3:15 😭
Still thought the lakers were gonna be something special😔
Is Lance still on the roster?
preттyy вoι
Gonna miss Lonzo wearing laker jersey
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LaMelo Ball GETS SUPER LeBron James & Lonzo Ball 7 months ago   12:55

LaMelo Ball & Spire won 113 - 67 against a team who's crowd was heckling and chanting overrated to Melo whole time.
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