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Erinn Andrews, Former Stanford | What Makes A Great College - At Up-Tube.com

Erinn Andrews, Former Stanford What makes a great college 8 months ago   07:29

Afnan Imran
Erinn Andrews, Former Stanford Admissions Officer, Video Case Study #6

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This video is for College Applicants to have an idea on how their applicants would be evaluated. Share it with everyone who will go through the college admission process at any time in their life. I personally found it very helpful so thought you sharing the knowledge.
Since this video from Ms. Erinn Andrews was an admissions officer at Stanford, the world's one of the leading university, all that is told is accurate and may surely apply to other top schools also.
Knowing what college admission officers look for will surely give you an edge compared to other how don't know.

This is from hyperinkvideos, which doesn't seem to work now and this video was uploaded there as unlisted which I have made public for everyone to view it and to have an advantage in college applications. Attempts have been made to contact "hyperlinkvideos". Time to know "What exactly admissions officer look for?"

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I think if the Comp.Sci dept saw his profile, they would definitely want him. .. Geez, he didn't find a cure for cancer. Too bad.
Tâm Lê
Oh there're a lot of negative opinions about how this woman view the profile, but I assume what she is saying is right. She clearly wants to know more about the student as a human not just by a bunch of statistics. I mean the applicant can be a lesser achiever but more humane person, which can result from his personal statement about helping poor kids programming for example. I hope this help.
Mattias Hoz
idk about Stanford or this woman specifically, but pretty sure most elite universities pay more attention to GPA and SAT/ACT than AP Test Scores.
Emily Nguyen
i think he’s not as strong bc there are a lot of science and engineering applicants so he would have to do more to stand out doing more than just internships/summer programs and research, which a lot of other applicants do. he could’ve started his own website or business or something that would’ve separated him from other students. on the other hand, a student who has a background/interest in art or music would have less competition since there aren’t as many similar applicants applying with art/music compared to math and science. stanford wants to build a class of many different unique students and personalities and they can only have so many computer engineering students and they want the best of the best. i think she’s pretty valid in saying that he might not be strong enough of an applicant 🤷🏻‍♀️
He needs trade his time playing Fortnite for some leadership or some other form of socialization. That would move him from "maybe" to "definitely yes". The fact that he listed video games and the Asian parent stereotypical piano would probably scare me to push him to the "no" pile.
Candy queen Margaret
how can they know whether you are lying or not,,,,,,
What I learned is more asians need to work in ivy league, stanford, uc Berkley admissions offices.
Kieran Rege
These people have no conscience. All they care about are admitting students tenacious and innately skilled enough to give them large donations to keep their shitty kids from having to struggle for a job.

Every admissions tip is meant to obfuscate the fact that they're trying to reproduce the class.
Bob Smith
Well fuck
Yunkyu Song
Objective review:
SAT: Alright

SAT Subjects: Pretty Strong

APs: Relatively few. Twice of that would put him at a competitive level.

Major: too competitive

Class rank: Alright; depends on his school

Activities: Impressive Internship and broad knowledge of programming languages, but not as impressive as average Stanford CS admits. Could be different if he included his portfolio/research abstracts/application he developed.
Eric Andreski
She already knew that the kid was smart and highly competitive from the test scores. She is looking for a well rounded kid who doesn’t just do one thing (engineering/comp sci)
I'm not surprised he isn't competitive enough to get in. This is the reality of getting into the top schools. There are 26,407 public high schools and 10,693 private high schools. That means there are over 30,000 amazing VALEDICTORIANS, but only, like, 200-1,000 spots at any University. Not only that, but sports captians, newspaper editors, science olympiad team captians, class councils presidents, math whizzes are all competing for those spots. As someone who's gone through this process and is currently helping out a younger bro, I can see how this guy is a serious contender, but needs to shine through rec letters and a good essay to ensure he can get in.

She's not being too strict. It's the entire system that's placed such a high standard on us students, over working us as high schoolers, and then experiencing burnout in college. In fact, she seems pretty nice. Many people would consider him and "average" applicant to Stanford. He did an internship at Microsoft? Pfft. So did everyone else applying to CS at Stanford. Captain of his School Informatics Team? So are the other 20,000 applicants.

There was one article I read that said this: If you are able to THINK you can APPLY to a top college, then you're already ready to be successful. Even if you get REJECTED, you will STILL have that mindset to achieve greatness.
Yňœþ Ķœß
"is he interesting?" oh shut the fuck up
Maddie Mac & Cheese
There is a lot of outrage in these comments that are totally founded (I feel that rage too) so let me take a sec to play devil’s advocate and clear the air. For context, I’ve never gotten above an 1160 SAT and have a 3.6, so I’m not in the running for these kind of schools, but I have applied and gotten into some fairly competitive places so I can help a little.

Colleges, in general, look at their applications in a “wholistic approach”. Basically, they look at more than just the scores. So despite this kid having a super high SAT, AP tests, has real world experience, and is super well-versed in coding, the admissions people also look at the essays and other personality-pieces of the application to determine if the kid will contribute to the school’s atmosphere and whether or not their personality fits their school’s vibe. That’s why some people will get into Brown and not Harvard or vice versa, because the admissions people don’t think their personality fits with the atmosphere of their campus.

So when this lady says “it’s not enough”, she really means there’s more to a student than their grades. Say your scores are a little lower than their average, your school doesn’t offer AP and you can’t find any internships/clubs to fit your major. But say you put the running theme in your application that you’re a visionary and a hard worker through your essays and your scores reflect that idea, the admissions at certain schools who share your mentality can possibly still accept you. That’s the wholistic approach and that’s what this lady is talking about.

I hope that helps clear the air!! Trust me, before I knew this I would’ve been outraged too.
Marcus Cheung
I am so screwed
Amir Alam
She assumed he was a guy
This video should be taken down and lady you should be ashamed of yourself. Not all people could afford to catch a plane to Germany and do something related to the environmental club. In public schools, we are literally told to take APS, get good grades, and do extracurriculars. Some people don't have a much oppurtunities. I would be successful stanford, but because I didn't do anything "noteworthy" I would be automatically rejected. This is such bullshit. I hope you read some of the comments, because I am genuinely pissed
Samantha Peluso
By the way lady...students are being deeply crushed with broken spirits by your standards.
Samantha Peluso
What unbelievably high standards to set for students. We are setting the next generation up for many emotional, psychiatric and medical issues. Congratulations competitive schools. Oh! terrible that he takes a break to play video games!
Colleges don't care that much about your personal essay...
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What makes a great college Erinn Andrews, Former Stanford 8 months ago   04:38

Jordan Goldman moderates The Wall Street Journal's special event "The Secrets of College Admissions." Panelists include former Admissions Officers from Stanford University, Columbia University, Brown University, Wesleyan University, Vassar College and Occidental College, as well as executives from The College Board and The Princeton Review.

video at https://up-tube.com/upvideo/Jc2hQ1oXOiH

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