2019 Corvette ZR1 Review! | From 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 2 days ago   21:01

Cars, Costs and Technology
Full review of the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1!

Topics Covered:
Corvette ZR1 Top Speed
Corvette ZR1 0-60 MPH
Corvette ZR1 Quarter Mile
Corvette ZR1 Horsepower
Corvette ZR1 ZTK Package
Corvette ZR1 Carbon Fiber
Corvette ZR1 Price
Corvette ZR1 Track Record
Corvette ZR1 Brake Costs
Corvette ZR1 Front Splitter
Corvette ZR1 Fuel Economy
Corvette ZR1 Tires
Corvette ZR1 Insurance

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Cars, Costs and Technology
Here are some high resolution ZR1 wallpaper photos that I took while filming this video. They're free to download! All I ask is that you share this video with a friend 👍🏻
Check them out here:
Jesse Mitchell
I would not get an automatic because it takes away from the feel of the car if you think that a automatic is faster than a manual then go take your manual transmission car to Hennessey Performance and have them to modify the car faster because there is no replacement for displacement !
Jesse Mitchell
As young as you sound there is no way under gods green earth you’re paying $130 a month for a Corvette ZR1 ! My insurance on my little Chevy spark and me 40 something years old is $150 a month and I have no accidents and no tickets a complete clean driving record in class a CDL‘s. So I know that’s a damn lie the insurance on a 150+ thousand dollar car is going to be absolutely through the roof I would be willing to bet the insurance on that car is at least 750 if not $1000 a month full coverage!!!!!!! I would try to find a different insurance company and get a different quote or talk to a live person at that insurance company rather than getting a quoteonline because $130 a month does not sound right ! I believe somebody is lying to you !
Peter Disbury
Toys R Us and Chevy got together at Starbucks and came up with another dud? 0-60 in 3 seconds...
meanwhile the new electrics from Tesla are still superior and cost less to operate.
k ent shuster
Happy Days
Darn, my '86 GSX-R goes 0-52 in 2 seconds (redline in 1st gear), never thought I'd see a car go that fast, think this one might.
Love that Gun metal gray color.
snvff xxx
great video
Dani Williams
People that complain about autos and stick are just sad.. I bet they are 12 y/o that play NFS 😂
Wolfgang Ebner
"WOW" - NICE !!!
Jeremy Smith
I just recently got a quote from State Farm that was surprisingly low as well.... I asked my agent and she told me the reason was because #1 Corvetts in this class aren’t wrecked as often as other cars #2 the age demographic of corvette owners are typically older people #3 they aren’t driven often as a normal daily driver so the risk are lower....🤷🏾‍♂️ kinda made since
Luis Castaneda
Esta ermosisimo
Gaspar Medellin
How much cash?
Louie Lamoore
An over priced toy.
Floyd Burdett
I noticed the Orange ZR1 has a Lingenfelter banner on it...
What kind of "improvements" do they offer to this Beast..?
I enjoyed the Video... WISH I could enjoy the CAR!! I live very close to Road Atlanta, and would Really enjoy some LAPS there!!
{ I did a couple of SCCA Races there MANY years ago, and a couple of Track Days on my motorcycle there, recently... and 'curious' what Changes are being made -- besides the New Tower [old one already torn down!] -- by the new Michelin Sponsorship..}
Well... I keep buying a Lottery ticket each week... Maybe one of them will come thru!!
But I am afraid time is running out for a ZR1 because the Limited number will likely be Sold Out soon...
I also noticed that Chevy now offers this Engine as a CRATE Package! WOW!
I wonder if I could wedge it into my 2004 Mustang..? LOL!!
{ Or the new Dodge "Hellephant" 1000 HP '426 Hemi'...} Ha Ha Ha ... just day-dreaming 'what if'..
The best review of the ZR1.
Benny Bodash
I want it in AWD!!
Dean Rezaei
I love this car I mean LOVE
Candie Ray
Great review! I'm going to be in the market for a 2019 ZR1 very soon.... I'm searching for one to see in person now... Nothing in my area, I'm sure I need go to Greenville or Spartanburg... I'm glad you mentioned the wrap, I would like to get in touch with the people that did this one..... Not sure about the large wing.... I'm 5'4, might be a issue for me taking the top off and storing it in the back or anything else for that matter... Anyway, thanks for the video, it makes me excited as I begin my search.
The insurance quote was correct. The thinking is that not a lot of ppl crash these. Have you ever heard anyone say ppl are always crashing zr1’s? Also they are not exactly easy to steal, unless car jacked and if so they would be easily identified since not many ppl own these. Last but not least it’s made in America so parts aren’t an issue
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2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 2019 Corvette ZR1 Review! | From 2 days ago   06:21

DESTINED FOR STARDOM: Last 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Rolls Off Assembly Line
May 30, 2018 , Brampton, Ontario - The last 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, assembled at the FCA US Brampton Assembly Plant (Ontario, Canada), rolled off the line today in the first step toward making horsepower history at the June 20-23 Barrett-Jackson Northeast Auction. The limited-production, world record-setting 2018 Demon and the last 2017 Dodge Viper hand-built American supercar will be auctioned as a pair in “The Ultimate Last Chance” end-of-an-era offer with 100 percent of the hammer proceeds from the sale going to the United Way.

After leaving the Brampton plant, the last 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will travel to an upfit center for its final stages of assembly, which includes adding a hand-painted exclusive Viper Red exterior color, 18-inch aluminum wheels, 18-inch Demon drag radial tires, Demon vehicle badging and a one-of-a-kind VIN instrument panel badging.

Production of the Challenger SRT Demon was limited to one model year and 3,300 units.

The winning bidder at the June 20-23 Barrett-Jackson Northeast Auction, held at the Mohegan Sun Resort in Uncasville, Connecticut, takes home a combined 1,485 horsepower: the 840-horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT Demon – the industry’s first and only purpose-built, street-legal production drag car with the most powerful production V-8 engine and 20-plus industry-first, drag-performance features – and the 645-horsepower Dodge Viper with an 8.4L V-10 engine, aerospace-grade lightweight carbon fiber body, iconic side exhaust and massive 14-inch wide rear tires.

Additional details on this once-in-a-lifetime Dodge Challenger SRT Demon/Dodge Viper Barrett-Jackson auction lot are available at DodgeGarage.com.

Leaving behind a 25-year legacy with more track records than any other production car, production of the V-10-powered Dodge Viper concluded at the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit in August 2017. The last production 2017 Dodge Viper is styled in homage to the first-generation Dodge Viper RT/10 with its Viper Red exterior and black interior. The car (VIN ending in 731948) includes exterior carbon fiber accents, black Alcantara leather seats and an exclusive VIN instrument panel badge and authentication kit.

Dodge//SRT and Barrett-Jackson have collaborated before with charity as the winner. A one-of-a-kind 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, VIN0001, raised $1.65 million for charity in 2014 — at the time more than any other car in Barrett-Jackson history.

About Dodge//SRT
Dodge//SRT offers a complete lineup of performance vehicles that stand out in their own segments. Dodge is FCA North America’s mainstream performance brand, and SRT is positioned as the ultimate performance halo of the Dodge brand, together creating a complete and balanced performance brand with one vision and one voice.

For more than 100 years, the Dodge brand has carried on the spirit of brothers John and Horace Dodge, who founded the company in 1914. Their influence continues today. New for 2018, the 840-horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, the fastest quarter-mile production car in the world and most powerful muscle car ever, is taking the world by storm, along with the new 2018 Dodge Durango SRT, America’s fastest, most powerful and most capable three-row SUV, and the 707-horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody. These new SRT ultimate performance models join a brand lineup that includes the Durango, Grand Caravan, Journey, Charger and Challenger, including the 707-horsepower Challenger SRT Hellcat and the Charger SRT Hellcat, the quickest, fastest and most powerful sedan in the world.

"Dodge car factory"