2019 Corvette ZR1 Review! | From 2 months ago   21:01

Cars, Costs and Technology
Full review of the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1!

Topics Covered:
Corvette ZR1 Top Speed
Corvette ZR1 0-60 MPH
Corvette ZR1 Quarter Mile
Corvette ZR1 Horsepower
Corvette ZR1 ZTK Package
Corvette ZR1 Carbon Fiber
Corvette ZR1 Price
Corvette ZR1 Track Record
Corvette ZR1 Brake Costs
Corvette ZR1 Front Splitter
Corvette ZR1 Fuel Economy
Corvette ZR1 Tires
Corvette ZR1 Insurance

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Cars, Costs and Technology
Here are some high resolution ZR1 wallpaper photos that I took while filming this video. They're free to download! All I ask is that you share this video with a friend 👍🏻
Check them out here:
Twin Turbo
ZL1 1LE > C7 ZR1
Mark Williams
Boring.....15:50 is what you came for. Still boring review w/no soul
Khem Kush
I 100% agree. When I seen this car at the dealer, I knew I had to try and get one. Pictures do not do this car justice at all. Your video captures it the best I have seen on video
What happened to CC&T channel no new posts for awhile?
بو بطي ١٩٩
My friend bought one had to replace torque converter in 3 weeks
Beautiful car i like it but i can't afford it
Jose luis Martinez ledezma
What color is that magnificent beast? Great review of this vehicle.
slag man
I’ve seen the pictures with or without the large rear spoiler, I would’ve liked to see how the large spoiler is attached and is it removable, and if so how it’s done...
The Shape
a ZR1 would look soooo good with a 3LZ Z06 spoiler.
youngestson 65
Great video. Great car.
Jdizzle bizzle
If dodge can give u 800 hp chevy can too !
Jdizzle bizzle
This car is rollin erection
D. Alex Hutchinson
So , this is the badboy??
Guess you must not judge a book by its
Cause this car is ugly !!
Im not a Hater.
I own 2C4 s and a
C5. All are great Cars.
I also own a 2008 SRT Dodge Viper with
700hp. Convertable.
But I do believe its a bad Mofo.
Thinking bout picking
Up one off em.
Wish me luck , cause Im all about and over
What color should I
I know Ill kick myself when I dont order the right options.
Shawn LeBlanc
Clean it good! Bad ass car! 😜
Jesse Mitchell
I would not get an automatic because it takes away from the feel of the car if you think that a automatic is faster than a manual then go take your manual transmission car to Hennessey Performance and have them to modify the car faster because there is no replacement for displacement !
Jesse Mitchell
As young as you sound there is no way under gods green earth you’re paying $130 a month for a Corvette ZR1 ! My insurance on my little Chevy spark and me 40 something years old is $150 a month and I have no accidents and no tickets a complete clean driving record in class a CDL‘s. So I know that’s a damn lie the insurance on a 150+ thousand dollar car is going to be absolutely through the roof I would be willing to bet the insurance on that car is at least 750 if not $1000 a month full coverage!!!!!!! I would try to find a different insurance company and get a different quote or talk to a live person at that insurance company rather than getting a quoteonline because $130 a month does not sound right ! I believe somebody is lying to you !
Peter Disbury
Toys R Us and Chevy got together at Starbucks and came up with another dud? 0-60 in 3 seconds...
meanwhile the new electrics from Tesla are still superior and cost less to operate.
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