All The Proof You Need R. Kelly Abuses R Kelly Victim Asante McGee 6 months ago   19:52

Derek Van Schaik
Here's all the proof you need that R. Kelly is guilty of abusing women and under-age girls - body language secrets.

R. Kelly is the music artist famous for many R&B hits, including “I Believe I Can Fly.” In the past, R. Kelly has been accused of assault against women and young girls. A recent documentary, Surviving R. Kelly, featured many women who claimed they’ve been physically, mentally, verbally, and sexually assaulted for years by the music star; however, R. Kelly (Robert Kelly) denies all of it, so let’s analyze R. Kelly’s body language and the evidence during this explosive CBS This Morning, with Gayle King, to determine if he’s guilty.

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In the comments, what do you think should happen to R. Kelly for his years of abuse against so many women and under-aged girls? Let everyone know in the comments below.

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R Kelly Victim Asante McGee All The Proof You Need R. Kelly Abuses 6 months ago   23:01

#R. Kelly victim #Asante McGee speaks with Dede In the Morning about some real jaw-dropping allegations during her stay with the RNB Super Star. #K104 #SurvivingRKelly #PressPlay #Share