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Did Donald Trump Collude With | The 5 Reasons Why Mark Zuckerberg Appears - At Up-Tube.com

Did Donald Trump Collude With The 5 Reasons Why Mark Zuckerberg Appears 7 months ago   11:38

Derek Van Schaik
Body language of whether or not Donald Trump colluded with Russia and Vladimir Putin to help him win the 2016 U.S. Presidential election against Hillary Clinton and the Democrats? Find out.

Here’s another episode in the Body Language of a Liar series, where we determine whether someone famous is lying or telling the truth.

First, this video is not intended to be political. We're simply analyzing the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump's body language in a non-biased manner to determine if Trump was lying about colluding with Russians and/or Vladimir Putin to win the United States Presidential Election in 2016.

In this episode of Body Language of a Liar, we’ll be determining whether President Donald Trump is lying about Russia collusion, which may have helped him win the 2016 Presidential Election against Hillary Clinton; we’ll be analyzing his body language in 3 different interviews to determine whether or not Donald Trump is lying about Russia collusion in the election.

0:45 Donald Trump in an NBC News interview with Lester Holt on May 11, 2017, body language analysis

6:26 Trump on CBS Face The Nation with John Dickerson on April 2017, body language analysis

7:12 President Trump on Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo in July 2, 2018, body language analysis


Body Language of a Liar: Does Body Language Prove Justin Trudeau, Canada Prime Minister, Groped A Young Woman?

Body Language of a Liar: Does Body Language Prove Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos, Was Lying?

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Comments 460 Comments

The thing is, he actually believes his lies. So yeah, he's going to seem sincere. You've really showed your bias.
Christian Syversen
Not saying that he’s lying, but it should be mentioned that a lot of liars don’t break eye contact to see if the person they are lying to buys it or not... whether they have to adjust or not... not saying that it necessarily applies here, so no reason to come at me.
Memory Lane
Is it possible that a person can train themselves to lie inconspicuously? I believe so.
Google User Account
Russia hoax made up by anti american communists aka democrats.
Jack B
The only reason why America politicians and Europeans politician hate Trump, is because he’s to open and don’t care about political correctness.
Indy Wolf
Over half of these comments can be summed up into "I don't like what you're saying so that means you're wrong".
Well I always knew this body language stuff was a crock.
declan gibo
fake video this guy is not for starters a body language EP

lies comeing from a lier about a lier lol
The thing to remember is that he has read the books and understands how to present a dominant and believable show. He knows how to sit, not to fidget, to look in the eye and all that and isn't going to be so easy to read. He has subtler tells.
I think that Trump was convinced by someone to go through the Russia deal, not knowing or anticipating the backlash and the possible doors of corruption that he'd open.
For some reason I think he feels remorse, but it's too far gone by now and he'll have to face the consequences. Maybe he feels sorry for selfish reasons or maybe he's genuinely sorry that he's the catalyst of a massive digital invasion of privacy. Either way he's responsible for a lot of wars to come.
Nikolai Kalashnikov
If you can find the scrubbed video *_President Trump Round Table with Women Small Business Owners_* ...
...it is hands down THE BEST BODY LANGUAGE video ever... specifically, the part @ 12:09 with Lily.
"This video is not political" - Yeah right, you are totally biased!
monkey face
how about a person that believes their own lies to be true? It's cool you're pro-trump , but don't dismiss that some people live in their bubble like trump.
Scott Williams
Amazing video
Can you make a body please a body language study about Hillary Clinton? And why affected so many young people? Is the first time in my life I see something like that!
And I love you channel! Good job! Greetings,
Roland Gonzales
Analysis of trump various repeated verified lies would be appropriate. His story of how he stopped the attack on Iran, his constant lie that countries are sending murderers and rapist through the visa lottery system, his "middle class" tax cuts for the wealthy. He usually says "believe me" after saying a whopper. Recent analysis revealed when Trump uses an antedote with someone calling him "sir" in his story, its always a lie.
Yahya Guzman
check if epstein body language is lying about him suiciding
Roland Gonzales
You missed his slurring when saying " this Russia thing", his pause and sharp breath afterward. If you are using Trump as a baseline for truth telling you're ready for a fail meme. Trump often uses anger to cover-up his lying. The problem also is they found a lot in the investigaton and the Russian interference wasn't a hoax and he didn't care if it's true. He's done nothing about it so he didn't want to know about it because it conflicts with his ego and the story he wants to tell himself.
Claus Bohm
But sometimes I look away when talking about a controversial subject because I anticipate the listener will not believe what I am saying even though I believe it. I don't want to see their rejection or cynical attitude (comes from experience).
Moebius Bedroon
sorry man he is a patho logical liar he is a business man used to lying on TV and everything no go on this one thumbs down
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The 5 Reasons Why Mark Zuckerberg Appears Did Donald Trump Collude With 7 months ago   09:32

Here are the 5 reasons why the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg’s body language makes him appear EVIL. Find out what those reasons are.

0:17 First, I don’t think Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, actually has evil intentions; however, a lot of people would agree that he just comes across as evil, or robotic, or even a lizard. We’re going to go through Mark Zuckerberg’s body language and persona to uncover the five reasons why many of us have such a negative impression of the Facebook Founder and CEO.

0:40 1. Abrupt expressions in Mark Zuckerberg's body language where he smiles quickly and then relaxes his face to remove his smile very quickly. Sometimes it can be slight where it could be considered a micro-expression in body language, but our subconscious mind will pick this up even if we can’t verbally identify it.

1:53 2. Incongruency in the Found and CEO of Facebook's body language, tonality, words spoken, and facial expressions, since all 4 of those should match in what is called full congruency. It gives people the impression that Zuck doesn’t believe in what he’s saying and that he’s possibly lying. This is similar to what we’ve talked a lot about in my body language of a liar series, where we determine if someone famous is lying. Some recent one's we analyzed are: President of the United States Donald Trump, Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes, and the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The whole idea with congruency is that everything should match: this includes his tonality, body language, facial expressions, and the actual words that he speaks. When they don’t, it could be a sign of lying or at least some in-authenticity. Zuckerberg's tonality is very obviously not congruent – He’s extremely monotone and therefore he lacks inflection in his voice. His monotone voice may remind you of Ben Stein in the 1986 hit movie, Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

3:35 3. Nervous fidgeting and contrived body language specifically with his mouth, which subconsciously makes us wonder why he’s nervous causing us to seem dishonest, which causes Mark Zuckerberg to come across as robotic and fake. It appears that he literally thinks about his body language and his interpersonal actions as binary, as if he’s a computer. So his movements come across as inauthentic and very jittery. It's almost as if he's asking himself, “How should I move my body to achieve this perception.” instead of just moving the way he feels.

4:36 4. Social insecurity – signs of nervousness, common among computer programmers, but very uncommon among CEOs of large companies. The nervousness associated with social insecurity makes him come across like he has something to hide.

6:17 5. Politically correctness - Mark Zuckerberg has been known to be very politically correct (PC) which makes him come across as someone with little personality and very robotic. Extreme political correctness of believing you are responsible for everyone else’s feelings will strip the personality right out of you. When someone focuses on trying not to say the wrong thing – everything they say will be wrong because they’ve committed themselves to the impossible standard of taking responsibility for everyone else’s feelings.

7:12 Justin Trudeau, Canada Prime Minister, example when he corrects an audience member that we should say "peoplekind" instead of "mankind".

7:19 Those are the 5 reasons why “Zuck” seems to come across as evil, robotic, and even like a lizard. Now, what do you think? Do you agree, do you disagree, is there anything else you would like to add? Let me know, put that in the comments below.

7:31 If think Mark Zuckerberg’s cringe moments will get stuck in your mind all day, turn this video off right now and go watch one of my other videos.

7:40 Remember to subscribe so new videos just like this come right to you and I’ll see you at the top.

7:45 CRINGE ALERT turn off this video if you get bothered by Mark Zuckerberg's awkward cringe moments.

Body Language of a Liar: Does Body Language Prove Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos, Was Lying?

Body Language of a Liar: Does Body Language Prove Justin Trudeau Groped A Young Woman?

Body Language of a Liar: Does Body Language Prove Donald Trump Colluded With Russia To Win The Presidential Election?

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