Bhang Banaras special Delicious bhaang(cannabis) 2 days ago   05:06

Raj Kishore
Bhang is a traditional drink of Holi festival.

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Venugopal Sri Balaji paints
Where did u get bhang in hyderabad
Divyanshu Singh
Bhang is narcotic?
Sukhdevsingh sp
Nice bhang
Anwesh Sahu
4:41 Abe Shahrukh Khan doctor kab bana? :O
Jay sree mahakal ki Jay
Stone Tacular
Haha the white guy i bet he ate so much
Shailendra chaudhary
It's not narcotic it's psychotropic
Tuhin Paul
Bhaang is narcotic?????? Pehli baar sunne ko Mila Bhai.....不不不不不不
Sagar Sagar
After is bang bang
Hundreds of years? more like thousands baba,Jai hind, bom shanka!
Asrar Ahmed Khan
Where to buy marijuana leaves or paste in karnataka or bangalore
Charsi Baba
Christian Calou
Thank for this video am already feel flying

Christian Calou
Ajeet Yadav
That guy at 4:00 is awesome
Ajeet Yadav
Best video on bhang. Thanks
La Lz
Song name is amplifier imrankhan thank me later
Minal Gupta
It's required to be leagel in all India
Deserae West
I love drinking bhang alot better,than smokeing the marijuana.
mj kaka
haha people getting high in bhang milk
Tanny A
These people are loving the magic herb
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Banaras special Delicious bhaang(cannabis) Bhang 2 days ago   04:27

Badal thandayi shop is famous for bhaang(cannabis) lassi and bhang Ki (cannabiss) located at godowliya chowrasta ,banaras(varanasi).