OPEC isn't going anywhere, Who Controls The World's Oil? 1 day ago   07:30

CNBC Television
Lord John Browne, L1 Energy executive chairman and former BP Plc CEO, speaks on what is being discussed at the OPEC meeting as crude prices slip.

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Inez Qtaish
INEZ Qtaish wonder is inez Qtaish leaving Illinois or the United States, Inez Qtaish writes, I will wait and see, Inez Qtaish writes only God knows.
Inez Qtaish
Inez Qtaish will never sign no contract for settlement or compromise and no deal with evildoers.
Inez Qtaish
INEZ Qtaish will never sign no contract for settlement or compromise and no deal with evildoers.
Vick Medel
The Game/Gain of Propitious Oil and Gain Popularity in Politics?




PLAN-A Pre-Election (September – November)                                                                                                                                                         
          THE GAME - Make oil as a political
commodity. This needs a strong political will to gain profits and votes. Pre-Elections:
Make crude oil prices low and make pump prices in status quo or lower the prices.         Post-elections:
Keep the crude oil prices low in preparation for … obviously to gain votes!


PLAN-B Post-Election

let the fundamental of crude oil in the Futures Market played by speculators.
As to what causes oil prices to rise. As with any commodity, stock or bond, the “law” of supply and demand cause oil
prices to change. When supply exceeds demand, prices fall and the inverse is
also true when demand outpaces supply.... While supply and demand affect oil
prices, it is actually oil. Then let the invisible hands do the manoeuvre at the …


PLAN-C (December 2018 –
February 2019) Harvest Period                                                                 
SHORT FUTURES to position into an unlimited
profit, unlimited risk that can be entered by
the futures speculator to profit
from a fall in the price of the underlying. The short futures position is also used by a producer to lock in a
price of a commodity that he is going to sell in the future in obviously higher price?    CHECKMATE?
Serge V
Such a BS comparing with drone delivery. Horses in New York 1900 ish have been replaced in 10 years
Land Lord
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Who Controls The World's Oil? OPEC isn't going anywhere, 1 day ago   03:39

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