Habits I've picked up in Korea 8 WAYS I'VE CHANGED IN KOREA 3 months ago   02:21

13. super quick video, here are 6 habits i've picked up in SK. pretty straight forward. nothing else I really need to write in this description box.. idk why i'm still typing. lol bye.

OH thank you to the sc fam for making my life easier haha.



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Grow with Me 1111
😍😂😂😂 hilarious 😂
*When you've already picked up those habits due to excessively watching Korean dramas* , your videos are amazing .
Kayla Campbell
Could you do a video talking about college stuff. Like what you majored in and the application process and all that other good stuff?
Cherry in Korea
Oh my gosh, totally agree with the 'X' hand gesture. I think I have picked up a lot of my hand gestures from teaching! Great video :)
Hey you know any jobs hiring for English teachers with just tefl?
Severn Daichi
Was wondering why you hadn't posted in a while. Went to your channel and realised i hadn't subscribed lol
even though i don't live in Korea i do the little hearts to
Madeline Ingrouville
hey heyy!
have been loving your videos my friend, very real and easy to relate. thanks!
I am from Cambridge Ontario (about an hour out of Toronto, whoop!) and moving to Incheon to teach in a month.. stoked!
Are you sticking around for longer are heading back to Canada this fall?
keep the vids coming!
Nailed it! Haha. I do the same things and I'm not in Korea yet. I live in K-town here in Jersey so I pretty much have all those habits too
Ruan van Tonder
Do you think you'll stay another year or go back home when your last month is over?
I can't believe you've been in Korea for 11 months now!! Does it feel like you've been there for that long?
mucyo floris
LOL i have been in Korea for only 6 months now but i also do most of the things you said especially the bowing thing hahaha
The Hamster Army!
I dont even say why or how. I say wae and eotteoge
Are you muslim? OR NAH?? lol
I love you so much. Ever since I saw your channel ( yesterday lol) I have been obsessed!!! Anyways never stop Youtube and I love you
One day I'm gonna go to korea....im so excited
Living On Word
In other news, Ewnett you're really funny :) *deep bows* Also, are you at any time thinking of doing a Q&A?
Living On Word
Yes!!! Made it within the first 50 views
zamzaams SA
Keep on uploading I really like your videos 🙏😍
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8 WAYS I'VE CHANGED IN KOREA Habits I've picked up in Korea 3 months ago   10:04

I thought it would be a great time to reflect on all the changes that I made (and maybe you will too) after living in Korea for a year and a half.


- No more awkward moments
- Sharing *eyeroll*
- Korean eyebrows
- Eating more fast food
- Becoming more assertive
- Aish!
- Uniqueness and Koreans appreciating my booty lol
- Peacefulness

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