The Decline of Sears...What Happened? 6 months ago   14:09

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As of this week, Sears has filed for bankruptcy. They'll continue existing but that existence is getting smaller and smaller and it's questionable how long they'll last. This video takes a look the company over the years and how they found themselves in this situation.

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rusted corvid.butterfly
A Sears shut down in our town. The building still hasn't been bought or anything..
they sold poor quality clothing just like forever 21. this was inevitable
Eat At Joe's
Sears is great because it's an empty parking lot mall area. *FREE PARKING SPACE!*
Maryann Lockwood
It is Especially sad because the company‘s been around so long. They started out as a catalog back in the day.
Top Of The Hour Radio Station ID's
How they are even still open anyplace is beyond me, Its to let it die already. K-mart too.
Laquinton Wagner
U could do research man.
Sears was goof all thru the 90s.
Thats pretty rotten of u to shred a company that lasted nearly 150 yrs like that. Hell they still goin.
Laquinton Wagner
The problem is no one leaves home anymore.
U can order it all online.
I'm impatient so i prefer to go get what i need rather than wait anywhere between 2 days and 8 weeks.
oldtwins na
Holiday season 2019 is a sad sight for Sears. The last remaining one near me had an empty parking lot on Black Friday. No effort to compete because no vendors will touch this toxic company that will screw them over.
westbender 820
I pretty much have only bought tools at Sears. But when they started getting them made in china I quit buying there.
Mable Lane-Owens
I loved Sear's & I miss it. They had some great clearance deals on clothes.
Wayne Watson
eddy kill both store. he only care about himself
Kayla Hendrix
Could you do target?
So both of the Sears in my area just closed (the regular one at the Mid Rivers Mall and the Sears Hardware store in my hometown).

Sears Hardware just wasn't able to compete with the other 2 major home improvement stores right down the street (Home Depot and Lowes). Very few people I knew chose Sears as their go-to place for that stuff and would more often than not only shop there if they were also going to the grocery store since it was right next door.

Sears at the mall was just...unpleasant looking. There wasn't much they sold that interested me, so I never really shopped there. However, I do remember going with family when I was younger, but we never got much from them due to Sears usually being higher in prices than anyone else.
I used to visit Sears pretty often when their stores were still in my area and Ho Boy did the quality change from the 1990's to the 2010's. We used to visit the Lincoln Park store in Michigan and not only did we,get,most of,oir clothes from there but our family dentist was at Sears, their was an awesome Saunders location in the store and that Sears even had a full service autoshop. That store was still doing pretty good up till the last couple of years it was open.
It's Chanyeol's Fault
Never really liked going there, everything was way too overpriced. You'll only go there if you had a lot of money to spend.
when they got rid of the catalog they died. They should have moved to online sales. They would be thriving like amazon
Some Guy
My grandpa once pointed to a small small house while we were driving through the countryside and said: You see that house there?
Me: Yeah, what about it?
GP: that house was sold out of the Sears catalog in the 1930s.
Needless to say i was shocled that something like that was possible especially back then, so seeing Sears in such a rough state right now is quite sad
There is no sears in my country, and the last time I went to the US, I went to sears and still bought many craftsman tools to take back home. I liked the store, but i now have Amazon, so 🤷🏻‍♂️
Kevin Eaddy
Weinstocks or Montgomery Wards
John Okeeffe
I have 1000 shares of Sears worth $.25 a piece. I feel bad for people that bought appliances that are still under a warranty. I'm probably old to you. (45) In the 90's my X and all girls looked at Sears like a guy store. Tools, jeans, etc. To get even more white trash KMART!!!!!
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The Decline of Sears...What Happened? 6 months ago   12:42