VISITING GEORGETOWN AND AMERICAN: Campus I'm a Hoya! Georgetown University Scholarship 7 months ago   05:00

Nathan Card
I toured two major universities in Washington D.C., American and Georgetown. I plan to apply to both.
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This is the third in a series that details the college application and admissions process through the eyes of a high school student. My goal is to showcase a more intimate and personal side of the admissions process.

Thank you very much for watching!

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just curious, why didn't you apply to GW? it's generally considered better than AU and is right in the middle of DC (AU really isn't, though they pretend that they are lol). the internship opportunities at GW are pretty much unparalleled and the IA/IR programs are two of the best. if it's for financial reasons, i completely understand haha. i'm a senior here and the tuition rates have only gotten worse since i've started going here
Leslie T
Nice video!! I also applied to Georgetown and AU RD. Now for the long and painful waiting process. Good luck!
Ana Lipton
Hey, great video! Just a tip from a D.C. native: AU is generally considered a better location for getting around DC cause of its proximity to the metro (Georgetown also has a shuttle but it has to cross key bridge and go into Virginia to get to the nearest stop). I've visited and am familiar with both, so if you want any help or input, let me know! Good luck with your apps :)
Samara S. M.
Very Nice Job 😄 I'm Brazilian and I love your channel, Awesome 😉
Great job, Nathan!  Loved the DORM horror motif!  Things have changed, I guess, since my day when the only option was a dorm room on a floor with a single big shared shower room and single big shared bathroom.  You carried your little bucket with your shampoo with you and go the job done.
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I'm a Hoya! Georgetown University Scholarship VISITING GEORGETOWN AND AMERICAN: Campus 7 months ago   07:16

In 1978, Georgetown made a bold decision: to meet the financial need of every single student who merits admission but cannot afford to pay tuition.

Georgetown's meet-full-need policy joined an existing policy of need-blind admissions—the university's commitment to making admissions decisions solely on a candidate's merits without consideration for financial circumstances.

President John J. DeGioia has called these two practices "the most significant policy decisions made in the modern history of Georgetown," opening the doors for an increasingly selective student body. By expanding funding for undergraduate financial aid, the 1789 Scholarship Imperative will make it possible for Georgetown to sustain its momentum in bringing the best students to campus.