Neil deGrasse Tyson: Trump's Neil deGrasse Tyson - How Christopher 1 week ago   08:07

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
America's favorite astrophysicist returns to The Late Show with a surprising argument for why Trump's call for a Space Force may be a good thing.

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Sidonex 5176
United States Space Command is so close to being United Nations Space Command (UNSC).
Who are we fighting up there? Seriously....
Mira Shakti
Maybe instead of seeing Space Force as adding muscle to space activity see it as peacifying the military? Star Trek is kinda militaristic, but it's not about war it's about exploration but it uses the discipline, training, and command structure of the military to it's advantage. Personally I think we need another branch of the military to "fight" natural disasters. Not through warfare, but by using good techniques to have more efficient evacuations, help people board up their homes and businesses, shelter and evacuate the homeless and animals. I read that millions of farm animals perished during the hurricane Florence, surely there is something that could have been done about that? It seems likely that natural disasters are only going to get worse, why not have a branch of the military specifically structured around dealing with these events? It could even serve as a great way for people who would like to continue in the military, but for whatever reason would not like to or are unable to serve as they are serving and thus would normally exit the military, to perhaps continue with a military style lifestyle, which I know some people really find to be something they like, while still being able to be stationed in the states with more stability and not have to worry about being in a combat situation. (The last bit is because I know there is a lot of talk about people having trouble transitioning to civilian life, especially when that choice is not made willingly but because of injury or other circumstances.) Anyway, my point is that military doesn't need to be all about war, it can be celebrated for it's virtues too. As the planet (hopefully, everyone keep their fingers crossed) becomes more peaceful, we don't need to abandon the warrior, but give the warrior new battles to fight. I think Worf is an excellent example of that. Star Trek is an amazing example to me of the future of how we can use the military to fight more abstract battles than traditional warfare. Discipline and routine can make certain things a lot safer for the people involved.
Electro Magnets can be used to clean space debris. Name a star after me.
Audrie Gordon
Bravo! I have such a huge crush on him. We could talk stars any time! (Big fan of StarTalk)
Edward Smith
I'm all for a Space Force but lets make sure every American citizen has full affordable healthcare.
Shawn Duggan
Not a big fan of Neil. I just feel he is the spokesman of the required supported answer. He makes me feel like he doesn't want people to think and ask questions. Not the man to fill the shoes of the late Carl Sagan. Carl never told you how anything was. He just challenged you to look for the answers.
What's the song the band's playing when Neil walks out?
un known
Democrat-think: Every f*cking idea Trump has is crazy no matter what.
Subscribed just for this! The intro song is soo funk tho!! What's the name of it?
E Drew
I never liked NDT's showman tendencies, but make no mistake - the man knows what he speaks of.
haha by now with the fact trump never said anything reasonable in his life (or things that sound reasonable until asked for details and the insanity insues)

by now it is a statement akin to well god exists because you cannot prove he doesn't..

niel always tries to keep as many people listening to him so i get his angle with this.

but the only people he gets listening for a moment are dumpsters..
two words further and you lost those dumb fucks again anyway.

i doubt he doesn't see the futility in teaching calculus to cows why think its any better with doing something more complex with people who's brains barely function because of apathy?

trump is not going to have a solution to space debris.. he wants soldiers in space to fight the Chinese presence..
so him using this as an example in trump being reasonable at times is a terrible example lol.
john hill
space force shouldn't exist as a separate entity . let it be part of the USAF
Emily Sikora
Why are there so many trumptards in the comments. Neil isn’t advocating for trump as a political leader. He’s just talking about the probability of militarizing space. Neil degrasse Tyson doesn’t like or vouch for trump sorry redneck republicans you don’t get to have this guy on your side. He’s made it very clear he’s not.
Turtle Guy
Ugh... Colbert has a scientific genius on the show that is capable of talking to anyone and explaining the craziest concepts to average people and he goes to Trump withing the first 4 seconds. I feel sorry for Colbert. It's like Trump is consuming his every thought and he has no life or thoughts that don't involve Trump.
theres a car in orbit look it up
Max Bepunkt
Hes so down to earth while being up in space.
jamie lanster
He is talking about orbit, how can neil not know the difference between war in space and war in orbit?
Siddharth Parida
"Just because it came out of Neil deGrasse Tyson's mouth doesn't mean it's a good idea".
James T.
Trump's Space Marines... Reminds me of GTA somehow.
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Neil deGrasse Tyson - How Christopher Neil deGrasse Tyson: Trump's 1 week ago   10:46

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