Adele Invites Irish Fans The Irish Adele Singers Are Here 1 day ago   05:56

Ashling Grufferty
Two Irish guys, Ronan and Glenn, made a medley mash-up of Adele's song just days before her arrival for her Dublin show, and it was an instant internet hit. Unbeknownst to both them and the thousands of fans that had joined her on that special evening (including Bono & Hozier!) she invited them on stage. Watch as the event unfolds and turned into what was the highlight of Glenn and Ronan's career so far.

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Ellen Morris
A proud Adele, these boys just made her day because Adele created this wonderful music for the world to share, and the world did! Bless🙏
iona Courtenay
I just happened upon this by accident! Awesome. I have to say that i have rarely seen such positive heart-warming comments anywhere, nothing negative or demeaning whatsoever!!!! Thank you all and especially you, awesome Aisling Grufferty
Nigel Saunders
The whole thing was class. Adele is simply a wonderful human being !!
Chris Holeman
This is still the best thing on youtube, 3 years later. ❤😍😍
Guy in white sings better than Adele.
Muadz Lee
Stage fright is not a game, well done guys!
Juan Picart
I love the spirit of the words of Adele’s lyrics to her songs.
Esther Stevens
The Tenor has an awesome voice, and the other guy is great too.
noah torres
Love Ireland !! Was there , to me the most beautiful people ever , coming from the El Salvador . Respect to you !!
Bbbandit 2000
Absolutely brilliant!!!! ❤️💐🙏🏳️‍🌈
Billy Baroo
Kindness & Love.......pass it along.............
KiwiGurl NZ
2yrs later just as stunning as it was back then is still stunning today....just beautiful!! They were so shocked they were still able to master it perfectly! Adele is one of the greatest singers of our time...shes ssooooo gorgeously gorgeous 💞💞💋
Ian O Brien
Well done lads. Top class.
Jeff Brown
What I wouldn't give to be on stage with Adele, and make her smile. She is such a beautiful woman, and if I could make her smile once, I'd be happy
Mike Greatman
Adele is awesome...
Reza Nasiri
I wont give a compilament to Adele cuz she doesnt need it, instead I admire her in my heart in a way that I would become as big as her (spiritualy)
I think those two guys were amazing, but I'm not sure because of the screaming morons in the audience that prevented me from hearing them
Dave Robinson
Tottenham till she dies !!!
Leon Leo
I didn't like their version one bit
Retreat Bookings
I love her common side but now there's a classy side I have to RESPECT..!
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The Irish Adele Singers Are Here Adele Invites Irish Fans 1 day ago   04:53

Their medley of Adele songs went viral, so Ellen brought them here all the way from Ireland to perform live! 

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