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Adele Invites Irish Fans | The Irish Adele Singers Are Here - At Up-Tube.com

Adele Invites Irish Fans The Irish Adele Singers Are Here 2 months ago   05:56

Ashling Grufferty
Two Irish guys, Ronan and Glenn, made a medley mash-up of Adele's song just days before her arrival for her Dublin show, and it was an instant internet hit. https://up-tube.com/upvideo/G5j3J...) Unbeknownst to both them and the thousands of fans that had joined her on that special evening (including Bono & Hozier!) she invited them on stage. Watch as the event unfolds and turned into what was the highlight of Glenn and Ronan's career so far.

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bernie rapirap
wowww powerful voice...
Drew Earthling
Audience can't figure out that this time is for these two talented guys and sing over them.
Harry Lee
These two guys sing like professional performers.
Angela James
The love is just...there xxx
Karen Kaner
WOW!! such an incredible moment for these two guys to perform up on Adele’s stage - they were wonderful... as is Adele for inviting them up during her show all the while standing way back to let them perform, BRAVO!!
Plastic Bucket
Never heard of this woman before . B
Marija Martinovic
She's a queen!
Looks like Glenn Murphy from University Choral Scholars of Dublin.
Ben M
Now if they could get Adele, Ronan, and Glenn to carpool with James Corden...
TA Lindsay
These two are really good! I haven't seen them before this. Adele is such a sweet lady to do this. XO from Canada
If I wanted to hear something like that I'd go to Pontins
Two good irish souls......
Kia Vang
Ok waitt up who are these two. The guy on the piano voice is hot. N the other guy has a beautiful voice
$500 to see some fucking buskers
Michell Moncada
Iré a un concierto
Lee TV
They're really good.
Gary Holt
Adele your heart is as beautiful as your voice .
Now that is star in action.
Switch Dolphin
This is like a Gay version of Brokeback mountain..
I don't like when audience participation takes over a performance . I want to here the artist. I know that's sounds shit , but I can't help it.
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The Irish Adele Singers Are Here Adele Invites Irish Fans 2 months ago   04:53

Their medley of Adele songs went viral, so Ellen brought them here all the way from Ireland to perform live! 

Adele concert clip: Noel Delaney

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