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Ellen Discovers Some Insane | Audience Members' Answers That - At Up-Tube.com

Ellen Discovers Some Insane Audience Members' Answers That 2 days ago   09:52

Watch as Ellen is wowed by twin brothers who have amazing hockey stick tricks, a woman who does spot-on animal impressions, a sword swallower, and a woman who can make a lot of items appear out of her clothing.


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Kasidlak 81ID
Omg 33million subscriber? Amazing. Can i have 100k of your subscriber ellen? I just wanna buy a native chicken. They taste really good.🤤🤤. Im from Philippines and my name is John.
Jesse Stidam
Seems staged
brett dawkins
What shoes are the twins wearing
draw with zeb
my name is zeb and everyone calles my zebra
chicken nugget
No one:

Nobody at all:

The horse girl: 3:28
OMG THE LST GITRL-i cant even cary either a phone or 10 bucks in my braw
Bish_ImNo0ne 3
The half of the video is my trying to figure the twins difference 😂 anyone with me?
All I thank thank about
God bless everyone♥️
Sandeep Balachandran
Twitch at 8:49 and Twitch at 9:27 :|
samira abdi
8:50 twitch reaction 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Adrian OrLove
Omg I freaked when I heard Asia Rae by there is a girl in my school who sings beautifully but it’s not the same person
Tonia Ferrell
Uhhhhhhh n-no
Tonia Ferrell
Billie Newman
Listen to Jason Harland 'Dont Wanna Be In Love'
Paisley McGilber
its true zebras make that noise
kim winnie v.n.i
The last women has doreamon bag in the front
Kathy Hemi
Omg 😍😍😍😍😍😍😲😲😲😲😲🤭
the guy coming out with 4 TVs at the end is the real talent here
Micahael Rodgers
Wasn’t the chick that did the voice impressions of the animals on the daily drop out?
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Audience Members' Answers That Ellen Discovers Some Insane 2 days ago   11:46

Ellen found out that a lot of her audience members have shopped online after they'd been drinking, so she called on a few to reveal their purchases... which included some answers so shocking, Ellen had to sit down!