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Reinaldo Normand
Silicon Valley for beginners is a free course made for entrepreneurs, executives or students interested in Silicon Valley. It is also available on Udemy with some additional material.

In lesson 1, I explain briefly what is Silicon Valley, where it is located and how is the lifestyle in several cities that form the San Francisco Bay Area.

These are all the chapters in the course:

0. Introduction to Silicon Valley
1. What is Silicon Valley
2. The ecosystem
3. Coming to Silicon Valley as a founder/entrepreneur
4. Coming to Silicon Valley as an executive
5. Coming to Silicon Valley as a student
6. The execution mindset
7. Accountability
8. Meritocracy
9. Work ethic(s)
10. Reputation is key
11. Networking in the valley
12. Is failure an option
13. Hyperfocus
14. Knowledge x Learning
15. Diversity
16. Let's talk about politics
17. A litigious society
18. A final word

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josh 236
1.) SF and Oakland are not part of Silicon Valley
2.) The Bay Area is a mediterranean climate, not subtropical.
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We want to bring you behind the scenes, show you what really happens in Silicon Valley’s backstage and give you the insider perspective on how it feels to start a company here. Welcome to Silicon Valley! More info here: http://bit.ly/w2sv


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