After Effects Sunday Stream: Oldest Technologies Scientists Still 1 day ago   1:27:01

Another Sunday, another look at one of my old After Effects projects. This time we visit Kitty City and observe the mutating fractal cats in their unnatural environment -- Watch live at

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Yeison Gamer229
Dat music from Going Down in the background.
Листочек Мяты
Кто из лайки?
camo friend
That's a cool cat-apiller
Alexandru BOSS RO
my job: making animations
me: 10:20
Anikai Riddle
"Cat-erpillar" That what my family called it...
"Even now, I'm still waiting to wake up." Don't we all?
I'm overjoyed that I know exactly how he achieves these monstrosities. After Effects ROCKS!!
θliamθ fountain
Yes I get those dremes
Какая программа для етого создания он использует
fami ivt
Kitty city still my favorite xD
inky boo #loryn
10:33 that laugh killed me
Andromeda Lps
10:24 so funny
BlueJay's Brudda
Kitty city was my childhood lmao
That render 40:07. If it takes so long in 2016, so how did you managed to be so patient in 2011?
Useless Channel
do you enjoy wasting you life this way just to entertain others?
i mean...
its fun to watch your videos but really... why are you wasting your life like this?
9:59 the real kitty meow
Useless Channel
*_HANG ON A SEC..._*
me: **hangs myself**
Eric VandenAvond
I just wanted to see how it was done considering how good "welcome to kitty city" was.
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Oldest Technologies Scientists Still After Effects Sunday Stream: 1 day ago   15:14

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