Ten YouTubers Who Committed Disturbing Crimes 10 Famous Child Celebs Who Ruined 1 year ago   10:02

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*Please note that at the time of making this video the Sam Pepper Interview with Drama Alert didn't exist, nor did the apology. His inclusion in this list is based off the information I had at the time, meaning I was unable to include his apology or clips from the interview.*

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Side Note: This list isn't in any kind of order.
Lane Fair
So does DFTBA records hire all the pedos for their label?
Texxy 1
Are these people stupid or what???
Aymara Fan
Now you can include update this by placing Onision here!!
A suspicious amount of musicians on this list
Who is that emo kid in the thumbnail?
Leisa Irwin
Hoping these days for Onision to go down, like 5 years with no possibility of upload.
Duke Amadeus
You'll be able to add Onision to this list soon
u can add onion man to this list soon 😏
White Paint
Guys don’t tell anyone but I robbed a bank 🙀🙀
3:26 iNcel
The hoosher
*Cough Onision cough*
That's why i trust woman more than mens.
Men: kills, rape, torture, abuse, and pedos.
Woman: rob a bank
Joseph Pearlman
These are the zombie offspring of social media. They are the epitome of narcissism on the extreme scale. Before the internet, people like this would give up and go away because "real" people within their small realm of influence (people that actually met them) would ignore and shun them. At that point they would change or crawl permanently into their mothers basement. These people are nonfunctional in public of today's society and give nothing of real value to the public. Too bad they live as long as they do.
BTW: The women who are victimized by these losers get what they deserve because they perpetuate this by encouraging this swing from traditional male roles of protecting to the weak squirrely effeminate version they love to be around.
Bready Fastmaster
Can't wait for an updated version with onision
Kitty Katt
I was a big fan of VeeOneEye when that vid was uploaded, never watched him since.
Mooniiepie o
Ok where is JinBop?
Wolf Gaming
In the Midwest US 15-16 is actually legal age of concent, the whole 18 this is only in the coastal stats like California and new York, do your research
This needs to be updated
Onision isn’t on here
Lavii ☆
I remember being a huge fan of LionMaker Studios when I was younger... such a shock now
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10 Famous Child Celebs Who Ruined Ten YouTubers Who Committed Disturbing Crimes 1 year ago   11:24

Famous Celebs: Here are the top 10 famous child celebs who ruined their careers. They say that everyone gets 5 minutes of fame in their life. While these celebrities got more than 5 minutes, their fame did end abruptly after they ruined their careers. What did these celebs do? Lets find out!

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