Kim Kardashian West Talks Prep Victoria Beckham interview 'Meghan 2 months ago   04:52

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Kim Kardashian West talks to Jimmy about preparing for her fourth child, her road to becoming a criminal justice reform advocate and her attempts to erase the stigma around hiring formerly incarcerated people.

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Kim Kardashian West Talks Prep for Baby #4 and Criminal Justice Reform


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Tristan F
I have to admit kim looks STUNNING!!!
Tony Quick
Jacqueline Dunn
I love that outfit on her!!! She looks so stunning!!! Hot momma for sure 😉
twin cherry
I want 4 kids too!
Shontae Adacia
So lovely
Isabel Lopez
Kim Kardashian..smh she's a wonderful, beautiful, human being!! Amazing.
Kerim Grozny
Who else was hoping that she stands up?
galit dol
She is not a positive example tp the women in the world @@
Anezka in Wonderland
Wow that outfit !! Slaying
Royal Flush
I can never talk to someone about their kids without picturing how wild the sex was to make that child(I’m just all about the sex)
Their nannies liked this video
gn lilu
I love ❤️ the Kardashians! I don’t care what the haters think.
heidi corbett
Kim has come soooo far... She took a night of video taped sex and turned it into an Empire! You may hate her but Kim kardashian is smart an amazing women and mother... Just because she likes taking half naked selfies and wear makeup does not mean she is not smart.
I'm sure Kim didn't want it to go down this way but things happen in our lives for a reason. Luv ya Kim k
nise Charles
I just love the Kardashians 😍😘💋🤣
gary o.brien
Can I just say well done to Kim for standing up for a truly meaningful cause,she didn't just do it for publicity I really think she did it coz she believed that Alice should be free and she used her celebrity status to help that woman, in my opinion that was a truly amazing thing to do, i mean she didn't have to do it, she chose to do it coz she wanted to help that woman, good on you Kim,keep doing things like that,and for the same reason you helped Alice, for example, because you believed in her cause, in her innocence etc,kim doesn't get enough credit for all the charity work she does and the causes she fights for
Hattie Green
Jimmy at 1:02 - "I, *gibberish*, TWO"
Mary Adkison
Easy with nannies & lots money 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️ though Kim had grown up till the nude pictures again ‼️‼️ your a mom act like one. I’d never want May kids to see those pictures never mind your sex tapes 🤭🤭 even nude picture with Kanye video. Wake up guys. Still trash 🤢🤢🤢😡
Merete Noer
I am so glad this comment particularly about Kim is mainly positive when its usually the opposite - tons of women supporting her and lifting her up, that is how we all should treat other women at all times!
cheeze burger
My mom has 4 and she can not take any more arugiment
someone In urdreams
Is she pregnant or what I don't get it.
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