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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Kim Kardashian West talks to Jimmy about preparing for her fourth child, her road to becoming a criminal justice reform advocate and her attempts to erase the stigma around hiring formerly incarcerated people.

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Kim Kardashian West Talks Prep for Baby #4 and Criminal Justice Reform


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zain yamin
Parents of four are the calmest? god let me introduce you to my mom
Priscilla Martinez
wow she looks incredible
Kim is really showing people how wrong they were about her.
She is using her fame to help people when 90% of celebrities still won't acknowledge issues outside of their own.
Monica Gonzales
Hire my husband please!
Love the World
Nadia Williams
I hope that cardiB fixes her vocabulary one day. Media tented beauty. Look at Kim being a classy lady😍😍😍
Kati Churchill
i love Kim’s humbleness. like she didn’t take all the credit for getting that woman out of jail. she mostly said it was the attorneys. so humble, so gracious♥️
Verbs describe us
Good job for saving that woman from life in jail, Kim! Now don t you go and save El Chapo too :))
Riley Dinkleman
Anyone else report Kim kardashian related videos for porn related content? She’s a pornstar. Should never influenced little girls around the world. Fuxk her and her rotten taint. Children are smart, they will do the research and think what she does in her videos is something to aspire to. She’s a grown up child. Never grew up.
Amanda Somma
Some one please assassinate her on live tv. Please. She is just awful
Kim seem like really a decent human, materialism aside.
M Palmer
Go Kim u can care for your kids have them 1 dozen if u choose plus u r a great mom 👍🏿
Samantha Kwait
Kim looks great, very healthy
Irish Alpas
Wow..... Very good heart mom
Tanetta johnson
Kim kardashian West is beautiful inside and out
Dezy blue
Kim has changed a lot.....u guys noticed she has no jewelry but a small wedding ring on!
its lord fake fallon
irishque ahmad
her face is going to crack by 40 for sure due to all those procedures.....
The One
I'm black and I'd like to give Kim some more black penis, I like how that booty sits in that chair lol
Leo Boss
Go Kim Go
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Victoria Beckham interview 'Meghan Kim Kardashian West Talks Prep 3 days ago   07:57