The Cast Remembers: John Bradley The Cast Remembers: Isaac Hempstead 5 months ago   04:47

The actor recalls his favorite day filming in Iceland and what makes Kit Harington an amazing scene partner.

Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14.

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aaaaaah samwell the person d&d thought is the younger one of the two tarly brothers who had to read in the citadel about dragonglass which is beneath dragonstone even though stannis already told him about it which he then talks of as "i didnt think it mattered" too gilly while having slain a walker with dragonglass a few episodes prior.
good one d&d. no really you excelled yourself there with stupidity.
James Cusack
One of the best actors in the series, played the role with passion and love. Expecting big things for you Samwell Tarly / John Bradley !
0:18 The sad thing is that both HBO and George R. R. Martin were both willing to keep going. They both wanted at least 10 seasons. But the writers got an offer from Disney so now they've rushed the last few seasons to get it done so they can get that Disney money...
McKinsey Tighe
Y’all really here disrespecting Sam with only 600k views
''shot off to the four corners of the world'''
he 's a flat-earther yall
hurtig heinz
4:02min Wow, she's hot! Is she the same actrress as in the 8th season? Did she gain a lot of weight or what happened? I remember her being suprisingly fat in the last season compared to previous ones and there was no reason in the story for her to do so. Maybe she finally gets more to eat than when she was still living with her father. edit: Just saw a recent video - yes she did gain the weight in real life.
Disha v
When you realize even Sam's character gets him to live at King's Landing but Jon has to go back to the shit hole again. Ppl who want to comment ''But he is with the wildlings!'' ...Don't.
Morty Smith
Is this a fat joke? Saying he’s the whole cast?
EASILY!! the most lovable character in the series...all the very best for the future John Bradley and thank you for an absolutely amazing job playing Sam

Samwell Tarly...Slayer of White Walkers, lover of ladies.

- Kia Kaha John, Luv from NZ
Leo c
*instant like*
i love sam
Lily Want
He's so cuuuuute :')
I loved Sam
John Bradley's interviews are the best.
Bradley Jones is a damn fine actor. Does't matter if he's a bit heavy, John Goodman and Philip Seymor Hoffman managed to get big (no put intended). I hope he'll stick around.
StuTheBru me
first acting job and brought a sence of humanity to the victims of life,,11 out of 10 sam
Sudarshan Poudel
The most genuine soud of the show
nome cog
Thumbs up if you had already think about Sam being a kind of alias of G.R.R.Martin in his universe before the last episode!
John Thompkins
You know I killed a white walker.
At first I thought Sam was going to be like every other characters who betrays his friends because of one thing. But now I've learned that Samuel is one of iconic and special character.
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The Cast Remembers: Isaac Hempstead The Cast Remembers: John Bradley 5 months ago   04:27

The actor opens up about the lasting friendships he’s made working on Game of Thrones, and the moment in the series that shocked him the most.

Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14.