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The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

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Ralph Malasakit
@1:19 the producer is a Maester..
Marc Fjeden
D$ndD sucks so hard... the rest did a great job
episode 6 "trash"
Marc Fjeden
u done a really great job... i love it.. but the season is total bullshit storywise... its so sad ur work didnt pay off
make a filipino style spaghetti while watching GOT^^
shamim akter
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Gian Poe
Thanks for blowing the final,season. You had 2 years to to not fuck this up and yet that’s exactly what you did. Smfh
d3ch3n s
shonda rhimes: i kill everyone’s favorite characters
d&d: hold my “holy shit” script
Il Conte
Didn't know fire could blow up stone
24:57 failed fist bump lol.
As a viewer, we tend to jump to the conclusions of the writing as the show being shit. The show ISN'T shit, just the writing/dialogue that felt rushed. The people who make this magic come to life are amazing. I wanted to drop a dislike for D&D, but a like for the amazing behind the scenes work these people do. Thank you for your creations.

And a big middle finger to the rushed writing that made jon look like a sad beat yet loyal dog, and WTF rushed plots.
Musa SB sign this petition
You guys blew it every episode this season. Straight fucking doo doo!
Sean Walsh
Where are episode 6 videos, there still not up?
Lauryn LeMadec
Why there isn't a game revealed for episode 6????
EternalDivine SpiritHuman
Such a beautiful team for such a low quality ending script!!!
As disappointed as I was with the past few seasons on the whole, there no denying the visual masterpiece this episode was. I'm currently reaching the whole thing and the first 4 seasons were so much more compelling, Bran getting pushed, Ned's head being lopped, the monster of Joffrey, Jamie losing his hand, the red wedding, Tyrion killing Tywin were all so much more shocking and engrossing than all of the biggest battle scenes and all the dragon fire. Not to mention the humour, the dialogue and the emotion involved in a lot of the sub plots along the way. I'm hoping that watching it all in a relatively short space of time will give a better perspective on the last 2 seasons and maybe it will all fall in to place.
"Dracarys".... D&D burn
Stephane Carrie
Un sacré travail accompli !
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