Throwback Thursday: She Loves It When "Chocolate Cake Made Me Late" 4 months ago   03:32

Gabriel Iglesias
Happy throwback Thursday!


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Jacob Bennett
That bill Clinton impression still catches me off guard

Damn that's good
Jacob Bennett
1:10 jesus lmao
Jacob Bennett
0:35 true shit
keith briggs
Didn't Obama come out to The Rock entrance music before? Lol
Donald Gray
Screw you and Barack
And alot smarter than the current one. Dumbass bookends
NGA Aguilar
He’s boring
A - Plays
0:33 put it at 0.75 and it sounds like the actual song
John Malto
Anyone remind Fluffy of Manny from Modern Family?
Aiden Cates
2:04 Low key i would pay for that song.
Jacob Frye
That fat kid from Modern Family has developed real good sense of humor
Mi nombre No es importante
When Gabriel used to be funny...
Aurel Matthews
Sitting alone in my apartment in the middle of the night...

Suddenly there's a knock at the door...

I hesitate at first, wary of who it could be, but get up and slowly make my way to the door...

I look through the viewer and see nothing...

I decide to ask.

"Who is it?"

I hear the faint snap of a cigar cutter, followed by a presidential voice...

"You know who it is"
Gh Supreme
I hate when it’s short I was laughing so hard my face went to this 🤣😁to this😒🙄
Teliki Mouse
That Bill Clinton voice XD
420Country Brooke
I need meet you so I can laugh my ass off you my favorite
Liam Driscoll
Sheila Arp
Is he Democrat
Félix Islava
Easy with the censorship, man. It's not like he abuses foul language, as others do. Settle down with the (bleeps)
L.A Tv
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"Chocolate Cake Made Me Late" Throwback Thursday: She Loves It When 4 months ago   04:37

Too much cake leads to drama in the morning.

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