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Mma Community Reacts To The Anderson Silva's | The Dirtiest Fighters In Mma - At Up-Tube.com

MMA Community Reacts to the Anderson Silva's The Dirtiest Fighters In MMA 1 day ago   10:34

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UFC 237 Results,

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I've been to many countries across the Globe. From what I have come across, Brazilians are generally (some are humble and amazing) extremely vain/arrogant/aggressive/prideful to the max
23 Glo
Last time they snapped like a twig he needs to retire before something else snaps
Gustavo Bom Bergmann
bispon fix the eye?
Daniel Corona
Fuck cannonier and namejunes
Jeremiah Johnson
Silva has nothing left to prove....hes done it all...hes dominated for years...hes crushed everybody and made it look easy...held the middle weight title and at the same time when up.in weight classes and dominated light heavyweights so why does he continue to put his body through this...his body is telling him its had enough...being in the game as long as he has takes a toll on your body...I wish and i hope his people around him tell him it's time to get out...theres nothing left for him to accomplish...fighters who have beat Silva is fighting a shell of his former self...a Silva who has aged and his body just dont want to do this anymore...the dude that fought Silva..Jared who the fuck is this guy???but I like his interview he wasn't stuck on the fact that he beat a legend....like I said Jared,isreal your lucky you didnt have to face anderson 8 years ago...he would have slept you both
Bryan Patrick
Love rose but stop talking with the fake hood attitude ..shit is old cheddar gal
Alejandro Garcia
Cannonier dont know how to use a microphone tho..lol
Debra Mchenry
Connor what's up rape boi let's connect chump chump
Cowboy ferg is the most un moral fight in the history of the ufc. And you should be ashamed!
Tabs T
Anderson was done when he got his leg broken. It was all over years ago.
black neo the one
Well u get bullshit on both sides of the Spectrum people cheering because Silva leg got damaged but the Brazilian crowd acted like dicks and there u have it people
Ryan Newton
rose sounds punch drunk
Spark 515
UFC has the worst piece of shit fans ever.
Bonwren Taylor
Not thinking much of those bunch of arseholes celebrating Silva's dislocated hip....
myamoto muzashi
connor if you are a man have a rematch with khabib you wus
jordan p
Rose is such a ❄️❄️❄️❄️
Juan Bernardo Palmas
StevenF Jaxsen
“Thug Rose” is the worst nickname ever for her!! She is the furthest thing from a thug. The way she acted after the whole Conor attacking the bus ordeal can be summed up in a ton of ways. But, being hard enough as a person to have the nickname thug is not one of them!! She cried about that for days!
ButtSaladNinja official
You can tell Rose is a sore loser or that she just can't accept the pressure of being a champ
ButtSaladNinja official
" I back..... I back.... Don't worry, I back.."
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The Dirtiest Fighters In MMA MMA Community Reacts to the Anderson Silva's 1 day ago   03:00

Most fouls in MMA are accidental ,but these fighters do it on purpose. These are the dirtiest fighters in MMA.

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