Manafort's Lies: Why They Matter President Trump slams 'poor 1 day ago   02:32

Wall Street Journal
President Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort lied about three topics that are “material” to the special counsel’s Russia investigation, a judge ruled Wednesday. WSJ’s Shelby Holliday explains why Manafort’s lies matter to prosecutors. Photo: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

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Steve Fink
I was all in on Hillary, until the Russian bots put an ad in my Facebook feed. Then I switched camps. 😂
Elizabeth Maldonado
These prosecutors more then likely are leftest & mueller the worst. When is he gonna be investigated for trolling the President
PUT-in-tRump 2020
Dav Bain
Let me guess what Mueller will say about Manafort & Gates.

• Before joining the campaign Mueller was already 10's of millions in debt.

• Trump's realestate buddy Tom Barrack saw an opportunity for himself and Manafort and recommended Manafort to Trump.

• Oleg Deriproska then filed an $18M embezzlement lawsuit against Manafort.

• To get Deriproska off his back Manafort told Deriproska through Kilimnik that when Trump won he would be in a position to influence policy that would be worth 2X to 3X to to the money he embezzled. But Clinton was the heavy favorite.

• Manafort shared polling data with Kilimnik that showed Trump could win and Kilimnik gave that data to Deriproska.

What Manafort did was underhanded but no different that John and Tony Podesta did. During the Obama years the Podesta Lobby Group grew to be 3rd largest in DC, when John Podesta was serving as Obama's White House Legal Counsel.
Andew Tarjanyi
In practice, this assessment is meaningless. All agencies relevant to this enquiry have agents, double agents, and even triple again. So, is Manafort any of the above? Anyone not directly giving orders to agents covertly or overtly to agents, in this case, is not in a position to say anything of value.
She pregnant?
Never forget that the Mueller investigation is an investigation into Russian interference in the American democratic process. It's a counterintelligence probe, not just a criminal probe.

Whenever Trump calls it a hoax that needs to end, he's literally acting against American national security interests. If he weren't guilty of anything, he wouldn't push against it.

And Trump supporters parroting his lies show they care as little about American interests as he does.
Matter U
Lie, lie, lie, sounds like he is another trump.
David Boson
donald needs vladimir to help him fight US law enforcement and intelligence agencies
David Boson
donald wants a hotel - putin knows he owns donald - as donald wants a hotel in russia
Elevator Music
Gunna die in jail - well done mate.
3000 vieuws thats pretty good
Wasn’t he convicted by a Petit Jury not a Grand Jury?
Susan Doerr
Freud said " The ego will fight to the death to defend itself. " Hopefully he will find his salvation.
J Thompson
😴😴😴😴 Yawn
#W I N N I N G
Steve Lazaridis
I wanna know what kind of Jail you wanna Be
Peregrine Slim
Manafort was engaging in the usual behaviours that are almost always not punished. And still no evidence of Russian collusion. This is the Democrat version of the Kenyan claim.
Haiku aday
here comes the pardon
Smoked Tires
HAHA what happened to the Trump Russia collusion, no mention of the ended witch hunt and NO COLLUSION FOUND !!!
Trump Facts

1. He has accepted money from foreign governments, used the presidency to promote his businesses and hidden his personal finances from the American people.

2. He directed a criminal campaign-finance violation scheme, in the final month of the presidential campaign, and lied to the American people about it.

3. He pressured Justice Department officials to go easy on an investigation into the president himself and his campaign.

4. He attempted to undermine the credibility of multiple checks and balances on the executive branch, including the justice system, the press, the electoral system and the Central Intelligence Agency.
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President Trump slams 'poor Manafort's Lies: Why They Matter 1 day ago   03:37

Responding to Andrew McCabe's upcoming '60 Minutes' interview, President Trump claims the former acting FBI director was a 'big part of crooked Hillary scandal and the Russia hoax'; chief White House correspondent John Roberts reports. Read more on this story here:

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