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The Auction Corvette Attempts An 8 Second | Mocking Up Our All-Wheel-Drive Turbo Truck - At Up-Tube.com

The Auction Corvette Attempts an 8 SECOND Mocking Up Our ALL-WHEEL-DRIVE Turbo Truck 2 months ago   23:06

Cleetus McFarland
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Them: “Stay tuned for our next video where our $10,000 auction corvette turned into a $200k NHRA Pro Stock drag car.”

Us: “Love you guys, but you’ve somewhat deviated from the initial message this auction corvette was originally delivering.”

Since that’s the direction you’re headed, stay true to the fans who appreciated the original character and message that Ruby was and take you guys’ hard earned success and focus it on a separate project meant for the Gator Nationals while keeping Ruby true to herself (although she’s too far gone now, time for the auction to obtain a fresh, new, tight budget start). That auction corvette was representative of us hard working but less economically fortunate fans and related to us guys who can’t spend $100k on a drag car. You guys absolutely deserve your success, but I’d like to see you guys still be able to take on low budget, do it yourself projects and see what you can get out of them without spending $100k, or even $20k, like most of us can relate to...and also take on the high budget projects with the high dollar sponsors/reps/parts that will continue to propel you guys into further success up until you guys are lining a car up against John force and Antron Brown. Go get ‘em guys, just don’t lose your way like most do. Please stay true to who and what got you where you are while still breaking barriers. You guys are awesome and you will be learning how to work on Mustang 5.0’s as soon as I scrape enough money up to do the build I’d like and take to you guys. Love from South Tampa.
Rowdy Riley
Jimmy Kimmel visited his childhood home and this video was playing on the TV when he walked in 😂 watch Jimmy kimmels video titled “jimmy kimmel visits his childhood home in the middle of the night” and go to 5:37
Unknown • 5 years ago
I came here from Jimmy kimmel
Tom Kochansky
This video is on in the background of a Jimmy Kimmel video. 5 minutes and 36 seconds in. https://up-tube.com/upvideo/PGp9iXYG1M0
Go or Blow is one thing but when Cupid gets Stupid it's time to take away his arrows!
All Star Automotive
Just wanted to let you know you were on jimmy kimmel on you tube https://up-tube.com/upvideo/PGp9iXYG1M0 LOL
Do some short lanyards. Keep up the great work guys
Off Dat Go-Go
At 5:33 The Jimmy Kimmel show S17:E47 with Kevin Heart (aired on 4/3/2019) has you in it. Jimmy went to his old house and the dude living there had this video paused on screen. I should win a T-shirt for this find 👕 😉 😎
Good way to window a block, running it without bearings and oil pressure.
john doe
Lol Arby's we got the meat
cody sutton
"Oh, its on fire"
Kameron H
Dude! This video appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night!
breaking down on the corner of 49th st and brian dairy lololol. its crazy you guys are so close to where i used to live in largo. moving back next year in 2020, looking forward to a car meet and seeing all these rides in person!
Nick B
Should have tried slick 50 or maybe Restore oil treatment
When it hits whatever it goes to, count to 3 then shift.... Best advice ever from someone who isn’t driving.
Jesse Baskiewicz
It took a minute for that turbo to stop spinning.LOL
Chief Clashofclan
17:30 thank me later
Will Tom Gaming
It's all fun and games until you send a piston through the turbo😂
Chase&Bowman Nation988
Make a shirt for profab el Camino rocket car
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Mocking Up Our ALL-WHEEL-DRIVE Turbo Truck The Auction Corvette Attempts an 8 SECOND 2 months ago   18:32

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