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Funny True Stories Of Being | Mom Vs Dad - At Up-Tube.com


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There is nothing like growing a human inside of your body that’s why pregnancy is one of the most amazing moments ever. In this video, you will find moments every pregnant woman will understand: you run to and from toilet about hungered times a day; life brings you challenges every single day like you can’t pick up keys from the floor because of the big belly, it’s really hard to wear your favorite sneakers; you need a special pillow to sleep or even several pillows; people pay a lot of attention to your belly.
Another collection of moments is about what’s it like to be a Mom. Every Mom faced the next situations: toys are everywhere and the biggest disaster for your legs is Lego; you may clean your kid’s room 5 times a day but toys again will be everywhere; you simply don’t have time to take a bath; you are always exhausted simply don’t have time for entertaining as you fall asleep after a glass of wine; you don’t have time for yourself; your bag is full of toys and other things your kid needs.
The next selection of scenes will show you how it’s cool to live with a Mom because always cook tasty dishes you love from childhood and you are never hungry. Mom always cleans home and it’s perfectly clean. Mom always has the best remedies for any illness and will take care of you while you spend time in bed. Your clothes are always clean and ironed without asking. Mom is always ready to help you with any difficult decision and solve any adult problem. Mom is the best person ever!

00:15 Mom problems
02:16 Living with kids
03:10 With mom vs/ without mom
04:52 Pregnancy problems

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Monica's World
I love my mom and I can not live without her ❤❤❤ Give a like if you do too.
ASchockedPlace's toy reveiw
everybody steps on nails and dads deal with dirty rooms and dads are more likely to loose their CHILD in a divorce so dads have many prolems too, my dad has to fix my moms car because she keeps overheating it, my mom dosent listen to him and with kids and without kids you can do that all with kids and my mom dosent wash the dishes my brother does my dad does the laundry my dad also does the grocerys AND ive never had any meal in my bed with/without my mom oh and ramen is delicious .:D Im not hating on moms im just trying to shine light on the problems alot of dads also have,
Hamda Zahid
Really mom is best in would so plz give love your mom plz
U Comedy and fun
I love my mom so much😗
Billy Eyelash Gacha
Idk why im watching this... I'm 11
Confesora Lara
Haha when I was little when I feel asleep in the car I would wake up in my bed😮
Midnight Fox
Some of these people are in 123 go the first two do they own this channel or they own 123 go
Ashlyn C
Manju Rani
I love my mom so much
Zeba Waseem
My mum can do everything for me
Thomas Baldino
And only 2
Thomas Baldino
My mom died when l was 2😥😥😥😥😥😥
katarzyna romanowska
Heli a Ty nie jesteś z 123 go polish?
Jamie Wong
Do five Min craft troom troom and Blossom work together 🤔😱
Matrix Blogs
Bethany Daughtry
Bro, I hate when I step on a lego. It hurts like crazy. Like if it you hate it too.
Life as poppy
The first one I'm not a mom but I do this to my mom/mum
david gates
Hi 👋
Benjo8 MofoBenjo
My wife lost our baby he passed away three years ago but now I have a cute adopted son! :)
Cassie Cho
I love you,mom!!☺😘😘
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Parents look at raising children in different ways: where mother sees danger, dad has the opportunity to temper the spirit!

Time passes with dad not like with mom. Mom is always reinsured a hundred times before any business, takes the child for a walk only to clean places, puts the child in neat clean clothes and makes sure that the child is not smeared anywhere, feeds the child so that nothing is dirty anywhere, chooses healthy and natural food in the store , re-reading the compositions several times, plays with the child in educational games. But with dad ... you can have fun with him until mom sees!

Dads always indulge children, especially daughters, dad can get smeared on the street even more than a child, dad plays funny games with a child, dad feeds with various sweets - he cannot refuse a child! =) In general, look at the difference yourself.

Of course, this is all humor, and dad can take care of children as well as mom. For a child, father and mother are two very different people. But equally loved!


1:06 With mom and with dad
2:06 Your dad never talks about this
4:07 Hug your loved ones right now!
5:21 Why life is peaceful with mom
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