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Rumi 's Language Of Silence And Love | Sufism With Rumi - Meditate - At Up-Tube.com

Rumi 's language of Silence and Love Sufism with Rumi - Meditate 9 months ago   10:24

Audio with kind consent of its owner Nikos Dimitriadis, with gratitude:
Original video: Hagia Sophia:
Text borrowed from D'Ali Atash, with gratitude:

O tongue you are an endless treasure.
O tongue, you are also an endless disease.

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The Bedrocker
Love Rumi! Namaste
Mihai Podaru
“O’ son of Adam!
Your mother gave birth to you while you were weeping,
while those around you were laughing in joy.

Work for the day, the day you die,
that you may be laughing in joy then,
while they will be weeping for you.”
This is the kind of music makes you forget that :if you are a Muslim, a Buddhist , a Hindu , Christian(...) no matter if your heart have the Love you will strongly feeling this Music
Zee Naeem
To love him is to lose yourself in submission of his light ( Noor)
Mehboob Ali
As a follower of Rumi RA I believe no one can experience divine love without a spiritual teacher. At the time when shams tabreze met Rumi it changed his life. The way of his thinking and the way of living, he has mentioned plenty of time in his poetry that before meeting my sheikh i was only an ordinary leaner of my religion and i was only a good speaker but when i met My sheikh he changed everything around me. ❤️
Hussein Remtulla
Mubarak Mubarak Mubarak shukar shukar shukar.
Tanha Mahzabin
Ally Soobratty
Rumi was an Ascended Master and understood the concept of ONENESS
Muhammad Athar
Tree of life is love.
zelen plav
Self realisation needs the dying of your ego to attain eternal life, a new you. (Born again)
سمر الموسوي
الحمد لك ربي لو علم العالم ماوهبتني من العلم والحكمه لقدسني العالم ولتبعني الكثير منهم حتى الملحدين والكافرين سبحانك انت كنز ومن تبعك يكون من كنزك
9 verse
Love Is God and God is heart
Ahmet Satir
taksim makam uşak
Zahim98 Sayed
Haq ali
tenzin dolma
absolutely beautiful, the whole playlist !!!
Sanja Kemper
aurora d'arienzo
Madhu Sharma
Beautiful audio along with the poetic verses. Thank you
i like the background music.
Suely Mellott
Beautiful, wonderful poem. Difficult to explain the feeling inside my heart. Thanks for this great video.
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Sufism with Rumi - Meditate Rumi 's language of Silence and Love 9 months ago   29:51

Video created by Passioneye using content from public domain. Sufism with Rumi - Meditate "HU" The Zikr
the search of self in the boundless cosmic vib opens up new new doors... stop your thoughts! stop your breath! stop your ego for a minute! just embrace the truth ... all by heart and soul... your leg starts spinning ... your heart starts bouncing ...the mystery of miracle will be revealed to the one who stop questioning ... simply embrace it... the truth of being human is magnificent... instead of taking your body and roaming around the universe, for a change go inside your body and see... THE UNIVERSE IS WITHIN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!