Maroon 5 - Pepsi Super Bowl Justin Timberlake - Say Something (First 2 weeks ago   13:36

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cause matt can bench me every time aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Christopher Darden
Imagine if X was there ?!?!!!?
P. W. Male of Gulf City
*Ha shit.. so now is it Morose 5?*
Melissa McCauley
If Mick Jagger and xtina participated in the closing it could have been EPIC!
+ Adam wouldn't have had 2 get more tattoos & take his shirt off😂... ♥️him in a tank instead
Brooke Ashley Emily
I loved maroon 5 since I was like 2 I was over the moon excited for the halftime show maroon 5 didn’t disappoint me it was the rappers. But maybe it was just me because I am not really into rap..... VERY proud of the whole band. Sad that they didn’t get the Grammy for girls like you. My first concert was a Maroon 5.
Fast Paste
So cringe I am talking about Travis Scott why didn’t he just lip sync
I loved the halftime show
Dog Wood
Worst halftime show ever! The Adam Levine Show. He should go solo and spare his bandmates any further humiliation. Pardon me Adam, but your narcissism is being viewed by the world.
stacey tecpile
I am 1000% confused what did i just watch 👀
CaT Vee
I dont blame Maroon 5, I blame everything else
Joe Gru
what happened to sweet victory this is terrible
Dark Shadow Froppy
I feel so sorry for the amazing Gladys knight who had to sing so beautifully before such a terrible half time show performance
Jeanna Lee
The f**k did I just watch?
you, suck.
Ummm. I needed that intro. Idk who that guy is. I am living in my rock with Patrick Starfish for quite some time
The Birds
The Marron5 song aren't for Superbowl games we need fire to entertain during the games🔥🔥 the lighting and the stage was decorated so great, a blast but the Marron5 are dressed awfully seems they just woke up, I mean this is entertainment and they are superstars all the world is watching Superbowl America seriously no goddamn stylist to dress up those guys !!? That girl screaming is madness
In Dreams
I mean, in retrospect, it wasn't THAT bad! but Maroon 5 should have done their OWN thing though, Travis was a MESS totally OFF key
How did the balls not get hit on stage?
Yeah it lost me as soon as the guest performer began. I tuned out.
Had it been old school hip-hop, maybe. I guess I’m just old lol.
luis hernandez
Fuck u Maroon 5
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Justin Timberlake - Say Something (First Maroon 5 - Pepsi Super Bowl 2 weeks ago   06:11

One year later, see Justin & Chris' first take of the “Say Something” Official Video

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