Cristiano Ronaldo surprises a kid on a Madrid's The Day Real Madrid REALLY knew 8 months ago   04:05

Cristiano Ronaldo surprises a kid on a Madrid's street 2015 [FULL VIDEO]
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3:06 He looks like queen I swear
CR7 man 🙄
Ramazon Cho'liyev
Haa bu Ronaldo
Angelina Sumugat
Wow moral lesson.. When you are ordinary people they will not mind you..and ignore. Look what happen after Ronaldo showed his appearance. This is a reality of the world we live.
nguyên đại bàng
oh very good,i love it
jesse mogeni
anon malay
That kid looks like dybala
fercho caicedo
Regalame un millon
abhay rawat
1: 34 sad to see for player like cr7 even though iam messi fan but pray to god that any other person will not suffer like this what cr7 prented to be at moment
abhay rawat
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Cristiano Ronaldo - Magenta Riddim | Skills & Goals 2018/2019 | HD
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Jesus é o Caminho A Verdade e a Vida
Nossa quando não sabiam quem era, a maioria não queria brincar com ele depois todos arodiaram ele
Aydin Rustemli
Ronaldo müslüman ol
Rashid Al Hajri
i like it
gourav gupta
I solute u ronaldo sir👍👍
__nova J_
Vaibhav RK
Dumb comments blaming people even they know they are same as people 🤣🤣🤣
Kamran Aliyev
Javier Durden
A pesar de todo, creo que dentro de él, o bueno, no sé, se debió de sentir algo a gusto, al sentirse como una persona "común y corriente", esa calma, sin la fama y ese desmadre de no poder estar a gusto en ninguna parte.
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The Day Real Madrid REALLY knew Cristiano Ronaldo surprises a kid on a Madrid's 8 months ago   12:29

Messi 19 year old and scores a hat-trick vs Real Madrid with 10 men Barcelona.

I know it's a sort of clickbait title. I'm totally not proud of it, but I sort of have to do this to complete with the others to get my video's to be seen. But don't worry, this is just a try out. I want to see if this one will have more views now than my other video's... Tonight r tomorrow I'll upload another video with a normal title.

This video is about Lionel Messi's incredible performance against Real Madrid in El Clasico. He saved Barcelona 3 times, scoring a Hat trick against the Galacticos! Knowing he was just 19 years old, is just amazing...

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Messi hat-trick El Clasico ● Barcelona vs Real Madrid 3-3 | 10/03/2007
Goals & Highlights FC Barcelona 3-3 Real Madrid 10-03-2007

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