Westbound Interstate 70 Through Glenwood Eisenhower Tunnel, I-70 Colorado 1 day ago   05:52

This video follows westbound Interstate 70 through the 12 most incredible miles of freeway in the United States, Glenwood Canyon in western Colorado.

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Jelley Lowforest
Have ride this interstate in september, best scenic-road ever.
benmoussa youcef
so good video , nature is incredible, awesome music
American Roads
Man! I must say this video is long overdue coming from you.
Eddie Schneider
Great video, excellent camera work and editing
Johan Karlsson
This isn't a road. This is art. I showed this to a friend and she was amazed as well. Never stop making videos!
My favorite highway, except at 2:49, someone ruined it momentarily with a thick black smoke!
CostasAthan's Onboard Videos
The canyon is awesome!
Josh’s Journeys
Time to add this stretch to my "to do" list. Nicely done video & that music was awesome as well!!
Kaydrah Communications Wanderlust
We always like to stop in Glenwood Springs after driving through the canyon, too. There's a million things to do there if you should decide to "overnight" in GWS.
Nym Net
The one stretch of Interstate Highway every American should go through at least once in his/her life.
Charles Ball
Seeing I-70 Glenwood Canyon never gets old.
Always top quality!
Trans Canada Phil
This seems to be the best place on the interstate highway system according to almost everyone. That landscape, iIt's like the U.S. version of the Kicking Horse pass :-D Did they ever try building a railroad through there too before the highways?
Road porn at it's finest!!!
I went thru that twice and it's beautiful in real life. I don't think there's any interstate I can think of like that. It's amazing engineering feat.
James Wormsley
Glenwood Canyon in western Colorado--so awesome,great work
Crown Jewel indeed! Very nice work on the video side and that song grew on me as the video went along, had never heard it before. This road is something every roadgeek should drive/see at least once...more if possible :)
I've done this drive. It's incredible! Don't forget Hanging lake, which is just off I-70 in Glen-wood Canyon
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Eisenhower Tunnel, I-70 Colorado Westbound Interstate 70 Through Glenwood 1 day ago   08:27

I-70, in the upper rockies featuring Eisenhower tunnel and straight creek canyon