Top 35 Legendary Goals In Football History Z. Zidane Top 10 Ridiculous Things That 1 month ago   10:53

Top 35 Legendary Goals In Football History ft. Ronaldinho, Pele, Diego Maradona, Johan Cruyff, Zinedine Zidane etc. If you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe for new videos!

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Comments 10 Comments

T.I.M. M
Ibrahimovic's goal was the best
Mosul Iraq
where is Adnan Dirjal's goal on south korea? that is not fair to him.
Rikki Foxwell
Maradonna is a cheating bitch
Brazi SIO
Best player in a major tournament: euro, world cup, copa america: Messi 2 Rronaldo 0
Olympic titles messi 1 ronaldo 0
3.Best in EC final
2.Carlos Alberto in WC final
1.Maradona 2nd goal VS England(1st one as well :)).
Foudhil Boughanem
Where is Roberto baggio. Del piero klivert. Nedved 😥
Ritchie Peyton
Nice touch leaving the Ronaldinho goal to last with the Madrid fans applauding the man's skill.
Cristian Hutuca
Jonas Rodgers
I bet Diego Maradona’s hand of god will be in here
Kyrkos Ekaterinaris
lol Beckham's goal against Greece "legendary"? There was no foul to begin with! Why not his goal from behind the midfield line?
And how about Ronaldinho's goal against Chelsea? Michael Owen's goal against Argentina?
What a center of Frank de Boer and also... Denise Bergkamp... Damn what a goal !
finally someone who put Puskas in the list.
Gugowas Jessica
King leo messi vs Athletic was pure magic
Nick Stahl
selman kuru
Olmamis bunlardan cok daha guzel goller var
capela games
Romário, Roberto Baggio, Stoichkov. Faltou essas lendas
Ragazzi Aeroporto
The time where you didnt need phones to record magic
Geist Von der Neuschwanstein
J. Cruyff have placed same goal, Netherland vs Argentina (4-0) World Cup Germany '74 !
Branislav Stefanov
LovFif JA
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Z. Zidane Top 10 Ridiculous Things That Top 35 Legendary Goals In Football History 1 month ago   10:22

Zinedine Zidane Top 10 Ridiculous Things that no one expected... - my facebook page