Theresa May Resigns: What's Next Nigel Farage Insists He Will 2 days ago   03:11

Wall Street Journal
Theresa May announced her plan to step down as British prime minister without completing the Brexit process, marking the start of a delicate political transition for the U.K. WSJ’s Max Colchester explains what happens next. Photo: Reuters

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Shadman Itmam Sieam
So much emotional drama for a prime minister. good luck UK you can do better.
Hallands Menved
I'm still unconvinced Britain will actually be leaving the EU despite all the bombastic claims to respect the voter decision.

Traditionalists are merely dragging out the process until they can come up with an excuse to take another vote – which must be made absolutely sure to come out "stay", of course...
Tom Bombadil
Second female PM, but not the last. Dumb as you are you are not really shining a light on that position for women!
Ukchersi Meos
Your good.
Boris will be coming. He can finally bring trump to the UK. He can finally have the USA do whatever they want to the UK.
She tried really hard.
KeeganHedley Vlogs
female prime minister, let the bullies into the playground. classic moms
forgetful functor
Lucus ness
Referring to her as Mrs May seems extremely sexist
She did her job far better than Parliament....
None One
Don't give up guys. Effort, pray, and optimistic thinking are the keys for human life. Talkless do more, but never talk, you never know the view points.
Boris Johnson is a Knob Gobblin. RiP UK...
Joshua Mon De Belen
I feel sorry for her since she literally did her best to please everyone.
Zeezee SD
Crocodile tears
Marcos Mota
WSJ does 3-minute videos while amateurs on YT do 10, 12, or 15-minute videos. Such is the attention span of the average American. For better coverage find any of the TLDR videos, this one was a joke.
Özgür Kaya
Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪 hope you brits do well after all that tragic
a) A referendum is direct democracy, b) direct democracy cannot be allowed, because there are just too many stupid people who are allowed to vote, c) even if everybody was an expert on everything, they could not be given the necessary data, because the nation's enemies would then also have that data, d) the Brexit vote was based upon minimal and biased information provided by self-serving individuals (perhaps even enemy agents), e) there is no need to 'respect the result', because that result was based upon limited (even crooked) information.
Micah’s Train’s N’ Thing’s
this is sad
Whuzzin Gamont
I do pity her to a certain extend but shes on the wrong side to start with
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Nigel Farage Insists He Will Theresa May Resigns: What's Next 2 days ago   06:59

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Nigel Farage speaks to GMB after the Brexit Party stormed ahead in the EU elections and insists he will not stop until the UK leaves the European Union citing the failure to depart on March 30th as the reason many chose to vote for his party.
Broadcast on 27/05/19

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