Liam Hemsworth on the CGI-Like Bling Ryan Reynolds Is Straight Savage 3 months ago   05:13

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Liam Hemsworth shares what he thinks about the public reaction to him marrying Miley Cyrus and why the big dance number in his rom-com Isn't It Romantic is a must-see.

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Liam Hemsworth on the CGI-Like Bling He Gave Wife Miley Cyrus


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Deborah Kim
Damn, maybe y’all both be crazy. Maybe y’all both be fuckin’ crazy.
Deborah Kim
You’re weird for even marrying her.
Deborah Kim
Liam, what do you see in her?
Deborah Kim
Wow. She’s so weird.
Deborah Kim
Who is sacrificing Liam? Why? Why does he have to die an emotional death?
Deborah Kim
Are you kidding me....Liam and Miley are going to divorce. Seriously. She’s a troublemaker.
RaKaya Turner
He is so fine
Kamo _lp
Isnt it romantic i only say 😂 in german he speaks so weird example ,, betörend‘‘ 😂
Charmaine Rebello
So umm when are you gonna join the Chainsmokers again???
Jemma C
3:50 "you just...blow it really hard" ok but why isn't anyone talking about this genius statement right there???
Chenee Thompson
He's so sexy! And miley's a pretty girl!
arju scarlet
It's like a star. 🌟😍😂😂😂
amna o.o
I came here for Miley..
Mikachi Yamazaki
And like... Finally.
rosachron rosachronic
I love when i see Liam wearing that wedding ring, and mention Miley his wife. I am so happy for them, one of my fav. celeb. couple. God bless your married life🙏💒💖
Chany Itangiteka
Watched this the same time i watched the movie so cool
Liam looks like thor a little bit 😂
Mojoreo Moguri
needed some loop of 'My wife' in that accent
Justin Casar
When you are handsome and famous but u are still not the best looking brother in your family.
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Ryan Reynolds Is Straight Savage Liam Hemsworth on the CGI-Like Bling 3 months ago   08:40


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