Dale Earnhardt's first stint 2004 Rolex 24 part 1 1 day ago   10:04

Bobby Patricca
Dale Earnhardt hops into the Corvette C5-R racer during the 2001 Rolex 24 at Daytona for his first stint during the race. Includes a fantastic "ride along" with him. I'm pretty sure if you look closely, you can see a sly little grin under the infamous moustache, as he was having an absolute blast doing this race. I have no doubt that had he not been tragically killed just a couple weeks later, he and Jr. would have found a way to compete in the 24 Hours of LeMans for sure.

I recorded practically the entire 25 hours of live coverage, and now I'm working on uploading them to the web.

I'm going through the tapes now, I will upload more as I find clips worth posting!

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tAmEz ZoDiAc
Wish he had a incar camera in the 2001 500 so people could of known what actually happened completely.
I bet Dale Jr would have done more sports car racing if not for that fire in the Sonoma Corvette in 04 and now the concussions he was spooked claimed the old man pulled him out of the car
TexasRocks HillCountry
For his very first time Dale did extremely well!
I saw Paul Gentalozzi live at the Inaugural Texaco Grand Prix in Houston 1998!
Morte Parla
A lot of people don't know Dale did a lot more racing than just NASCAR.
Michael Rosati
IROC was a cool series , too. These were the good ol day's. We love when father and son what a draw for the fans.. No better names in racing esp at Daytona. a master on the Daytona banking..
Jonathan Walker
St Dale
I bet Dale felt at home in a GM 3 car
silver Eagle 3 cowboy
thanks for the clip of Dale .
Evan Williams
Dale looks like he is having some fun in there. I know Earnhardt was going to do some sports car racing in the later years, its too bad we never got to see it materialize, he sure looked like he was having the time of his life.
The Bus-Stop is so different looking from it is now...
The car at 1:59 is a Marcos LM600, a very fast car with a 6 litre Chevy V8 :)
Dale could drive/race anything that had wheels on it. One reason he was a legend
Ben Crouch
listening to steve hobbs???
5:12 "Welcome to road racing"

Fuck you.  Do you really think he doesn't know how to road race?
Ryan Wile
Driving on slick tires, rain falling, passing cars.....
'Ole Iron Head!
Muhammad Islam
Who says NASCAR drivers can't drive on road courses? This is proof that NASCAR drivers CAN drive on road courses, and can drive well. But then, this is Dale driving and he had a knack for driving, it didn't matter what it was so that may just be it.
William Scott
Miss you Dale :(
Guillermo Álvarez
I remember watching this years ago when I was a young kid, thought it was so cool not only for Earnhardt driving that thing but also cause it was my first time watching a 24 hour race. Man can't believe it. He's a legend almost ancient racing mythology.
"Was he (nervous)? Are you KIDDING me? That guy's never been nervous a day in his life. I can't believe you asked me that question!"

- Andy Pilgrim

Just about says it all, wouldn't you say?
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2004 Rolex 24 part 1 Dale Earnhardt's first stint 1 day ago   1:47:46

The start of the 2004 Rolex 24 at Daytona.