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Nba Player Enes Kanter On Turkey | Ertem Şener Vs Enes Kanter - At Up-Tube.com

NBA player Enes Kanter on Turkey Ertem Şener VS Enes Kanter 5 months ago   05:39

CBS This Morning
Enes Kanter, an Oklahoma City Thunder player from Turkey, says he was held in a Romanian airport over the weekend when his home country revoked his passport. He has long been an outspoken critic of Turkey's President Erdogan. Kanter says Turkey canceled his passport in retaliation for his political views. Last year, Turkey revoked passports for tens of thousands of Turkish citizens living abroad. Kanter joins "CBS This Morning" after arriving back in the U.S. Sunday from Europe.

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JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again
Whatever happened to freedom of speech I guess that's only in America although it's starting to get not be as much in America to you get in trouble for freedom of speech nowadays
I love Enes
Ayoub El
This is america propaganda
D the Delinquent
She was so wrapped up with how he got back to the states. Smh
Like damm lady, there’s a bigger issue here. Turkey!
She couldn’t handle the truth anyways.
Money, fame, the nba, and the gov taking payments. Duh! But that doesn’t matter lady. The situation is what matters!
voolgo vuctor
traitor liar
John Ersoy
Ömer Özçetin
Hamile yada hamile olmayan 17.000 kadın, hapishanelerde devlet tarafından işkence ve tecavüze uğruyor? Toprak kabul etmeyecek oğlum, abartmayın bu kadar.
Celal Cayci
Did the dogs speak?
National Autistic Socialism
Enes Kanter is an American!
Erdem Dogru
The gulen movement was scapegoated because they inspired the best and the brightest in Turkey. The kemalist establishment has made 5 decade plans to to destroy these people Erdogan just needed a partner to cover up his crimes. Both Erdogan and the kemalist establishment (deep state) created this coup attempt which was never a coup attempt, just a terrorist attack designed sway public opinion, instill fear, to create an authoritarian state and remove democracy from Turkey for the foreseeable future. Over 50,000 people are in jail for 3 years, over 100,000 have been in jail for over 1 year..... with no evidence of crimes
Tony blue
His terrorist 🤣🤣🖕
Adolf Hitler fuck israel
the jews are paying him 2 say this
Adolf Hitler fuck israel
erdogan you are the men respect
canary prive
Erdogan is a crazy lunatic and will be killed by the Turks.
Mehmetşah Sert
Well he is being hated by people of turkey because of his fettulah gulen connections
meow Rockzzz
Murdogan land is full of terrorist organisation
Hey Enes , tell them you cult locked up thousands of innocent journalists, lawyers, ranked army personnel in order to make Erdogan dictator!!! You rigged education exams, placed your man in government? Come on man be honest ??? I dont like erdogan but reason he is where he is right now is because of your cult !!
Fadi Mufti
To the commentator who's said: "Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the world needs you!":

Indeed... The world needs you to remain dead and buried.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is the one man who had stripped Turkey of everything Turkish except for its flag and a few monumental building that attract tourists.

He fought Turkey's religion. By force.
He changed Turkey's alphabet. By force.
He changed people's traditional costume. By force.
He swapped the worship of God with the worship of himself. By force.
He cut the Turkish people off their real history and provided them with his own version of their history.
He swapped pan-Ottoman multi-ethnic nationalism with racist Turko-centric nationalism.

Do I need to continue?

In fact, he was such a monster with such a profound and lasting influence, that even today nobody dares to publicly criticize him!

And you think Erdogan is a dictator? What a farce!
Nonya Beezwax
He is seeking amnesty from the USA . He definitely is a traitor and the US officials should turn him in. The Turkish government is not messing with anyone else than him and isn’t it a concern for the mainstream media . There are hundreds of sportsmen working overseas and this dude is a target so there is a reason for it . He should be extradited as soon as possible and OKC should ultimately call out his contract as he is a terrorist and we don’t harbor them within the borders of the USA .
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Ertem Şener VS Enes Kanter NBA player Enes Kanter on Turkey 5 months ago   00:59

NBA'de Oklahoma City'de forma giyen basketbolcu Enes Kanter ile Beyaz TV Spor Müdürü Ertem Şener sosyal medyada tartıştı.
Devamlı olarak sosyal medya hesabından Fethullah Gülen ile ilgili paylaşımlarda bulunan Enes Kanter’e, Beyaz TV Spor Müdürü Ertem Şener’den sert tepki geldi.
“FETÖ’cü Enes Kanter boş konuşmaktan dil kanseri olmuş sanki! Yeni adı Enes Kanser olsun!!!” yazınca genç basketbolcunun cevabı da gecikmedi: “Senin de yeni adın Ertem Şeker olsun. Sağı solu yalamayı iyi biliyorsun. Yalaka seni. Kanser olacak beyin bile yok.”
Enes’in bu mesajından sonra Ertem Şener’den bir mesaj daha geldi: Uzaktan salla tabi salla da şunu bir kere de gel TÜRKİYE’de yapsana! Vatana dil uzatmak, uzaktan 3’lük sallamaya benzemez. Varsın şeker olsun yeter ki senin gibi hain olmadan gezeyim. Unutma tarih yalamayı değil senin HAİNLİĞİNİ yazacak.

Ertem Şener, Twitter hesabından bölücü terör örgütü FETÖ'nün eli kanlı lideri Fethullah Gülen'e bağlılığını bildiren Enes Kanter'e yüklendi

FETÖ'cü Enes Kanter'in boş konuşmaktan dilinin kanser olduğunu söyleyen Ertem Şener, Enes Kanter'in yeni isminin "Enes Kanser" olmasını önerdi.

Enes Kanter ile Twitter üzerinden tartışmaya başlayan Ertem Şener, FETÖ'nün basketçisini rezil etti. Şener, kendisine cevap veren Kanter'e, "Unutma tarih senin hainliğini yazacak" dedi.