My $3,500 Manhattan Apartment ( 1 Bedroom 3 months ago   10:58

Sara Dietschy
New York City - What 3,500 will get you for a one bedroom in midtown NYC
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John Hill
Why didn't you tell me how much New York was before I moved here!? I love you anyways 😊
Steven SteveO
3 bedroom, 2-1/2 bath 2000 sq ft 2 floor house on 1 acre in nashville for $750 a month. And can see downtown city lights........... in under a 10 min drive. But who'd want to.
yea you are with an Asian that enplanes the apartment
Yes !
Eriks best Tour was of the 10.8mil one
Gholami Ali
I’m so thick thought the tile say 3.5million dollars penthouse
Fred Flipstones
😍 Beaaaauuuutttiifffullllll... the apartment is ok tho. 😉😉
sean leonard
I think I'm over NYC living I considered a condo 3br 2.8 mil I choose to pass
sean leonard
The ends dont justify the means . That apartment is a 3 on a 1-10
2019 anyone?? If so like
James Sunix
I pay $1,800 for a two bedroom, two bathroom, huge backyard and front yard house in Los Angeles, I'm good, I'll look at NY when I visit.
Jk 007
I have to tell you this 3500*72 is around 250,000 Indian Rupees. Which is really a big amount in India. With that money you can travel whole of india in luxury.
Spider-Man (PS4) did a good job capturing this
jagged tears
Damn, New York is the place to be a landlord.
Martin Mane
3500 a month can buy you the entire state of Alabama.
საგიჯეთი D
what is price for buying this apatament?
JD Diggy
Damn New York mid town apartment honey you've made it!!!!!
Ryan Scarphone
Enjoy being rich while the rest of us suffer
It’s really cheap !!!!
Carlos G.
In Longansport Indiana. A very suburban area not far from downtown Indianapolis .you can get an amazing 3 bed apt .2 bath for just $800. .you're making the owner of that building Rich by paying $3500 for that crab . LMAO. By the way I'm from NY . I just got family in Indiana. I pay $1200 in my NY apt and I'm definitely leaving NY next couple months. You can't live in this piece of shit state no more. Too expensive and ITS NOT WORTHY
$3500 a month would pay over 9 months worth of my mortgage on my 3 bedroom house with basement, garage, and half acre of land! Keep in mind I'm just outside of Flint, MI!
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My $3,500 Manhattan Apartment ( 1 Bedroom 3 months ago   12:29