How Pregnancy Ruined My Body Investigating Conspiracies with Shane 6 months ago   16:21

Colleen Ballinger
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felecia land
not vanzella its vainzella
felecia land
name the vain vanzella
Taneisha Studios
Those red wormy lines would be stretch marks and it is nothing to be ashamed of the way I think of it is that our body is a canvas and stretch marks are the paint the makes the painting itself these stretch marks make us ourselves
Amber Faulkner
My teacher is pregnant and it’s not pretty at the end of the day 🙄
Simone Love
You look amazing ...
IsabelleGrace 04
gamer lit yeet
Don't have fat babies.
My mom gained almost 90 pounds when she was pregnant with me so don't worry you're not a terrible person for gaining 70 pounds 😂
Evan Crain
I think you look great you do you
Addy Breddin
why does every YouTuber burp in their videos tho?-
Elizca Cilliers
Nobody is perfect in the inside or outside
Elizca Cilliers
You are beautiful in the inside and outside
Jenny Hernandez
Bless u and it really helped me colleen i feel good of my self thank u
Kamille Pineda
Kamikamikio Gacha
I’ll just adopt = family why not have your own it’s better then another woman’s child / me yea I totally want to be in a horrible situation I totally want a chance to almost die / me I want a child who been through stuff and traumatized bc I want him to be happy and surprised about how life can be and I want a different child I don’t want a child like me bc I regret looking at me and my self bc I regret my past but my ways it’s better
You look amazing, hunny!!!
Azenett Villegas
You’r seopost to be haters bakc off not haters run you over so keep bing stong
Hilary Magee
To. Colleen ballinger
You are beautiful whatever your body looks like your the best 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👼👼👼👼👼👼👪👪👪👪❤❤❤❤❤❤
Sophie Malcomson
Who's watching
February= like
I like my own comment because I watched in August.
Was I the only one that noticed that there was a Miranda doll with no pants on in the background? No, just me?
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Investigating Conspiracies with Shane How Pregnancy Ruined My Body 6 months ago   1:34:30

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