TJ Dillashaw apologizes for abruptly ending 10 Most Vindicating Wins in MMA 2 days ago   09:00

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TJ Dillashaw on Henry Cejudo,
Checkout UFC Unfiltered Podcast-

Rener Gracie on Brian Ortega,

Colby Covington on Ali Abdelaziz,
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Anthony Smith on Jon Jones,
Checkout MMA Junkie Radio for full interview-

Conor McGregor and on Zahabib and Iaquinta,

Serra and TJ Reconcile

And Much More in this MMA News Video,
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Superfly Guy
TJ Dillashaw apologizes for abruptly ending the interview with Matt Serra, Henry doesn't apologise for abruptly ending TJs credibility as a level headed and ;likeable person.
the box138
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to become a couch potato just to condition his ass...
Andrew Arrachie
Props to TJ Dillashaw for being such a humble real PRO, he is the real deal Champ !
razzle dazzle
Al u legend 🤣
Razzle Dazzle
FUCK matt serra
Talks All That Hot Shit About The Man But Then Wanna Beg Him To Talk Shit To You To Start A Fight Cause Your A Greedy Rat Looking For A Big Money Fight Go Back To Selling Houses People Steady Begging Conor McGregor
Jonathan Isom
Who else thinks Colby talks too much? I think he's trying to talk himself into a title shot. He'll get a title shot, get his ass kicked, take the big payday that he talked himself into and disappear.
mike james
As much as Colby is a fuckwit he should hav had that fight
Zayaan Sadien
Nunez will smash dillashaw at this moment
Zilvinas Zuravliovas
I heard Connor vs Brock in a works - in Tony's head
Zilvinas Zuravliovas
Tony's coach is Dr. Mr. PhD. President of Tony's training camp Artem "Le Goat" Loooooooooobooooooooovvvvvvvvvhhhhh
7DaysAWeek - SiebenTageHatDieWoche
Colby trying to be Conor... It's rediculous, damn i hope he gets beaten up SO badly!
Rogue Seraph
Man you gotta love when Colby puts nicknames on people, Kamaru Snoozeman, Rafael dos Nachos 😂
Mulatto Heat
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy who will stare Chuck Norris in the eyes
Dave Blair
Matt serra haha total douche
Carl Johnson
TJ Dillashaw is a straight bum, this fight is going to be a snooze fest.
Carl weat
Colby is embassering i sucked trump duck at white house and still bragging
Steven Short
Not going to lie. I skipped all the Matt sarra tj crap.
John Wassink
Mcgregor acting like a little girl
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10 Most Vindicating Wins in MMA TJ Dillashaw apologizes for abruptly ending 2 days ago   12:27

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