Stealing My Pit Bike Back BOXING my GIRLFRIEND'S Ex BOYFRIEND for $20,000! 2 weeks ago   11:06

Tommy Mx
Not to long ago my crf 70f pit bike was stolen so in this video I am stealing my pit bike back. I found out it was him because there was a post on craigslist for a crf 70f pit bike and I could tell it was my stolen pit bike. I went to his house first and pretended that I was a normal buyer so that I could figure out where he kept it. He told me he was going to leave in 30 minutes. 30 minutes later I went back to steal the pit bike back.

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Viggo Konradsson
Haha this is the exactly same script as the video i just saw
SLIMMYJAKE Plays Minecraft
Everyone with a camera
and stealing their bike back says it’s for a school project
Calvin at bunny buddies Reif
That was just an air soft gun if none of you guys saw the tape
Drift Yeet
Ho nm
Drift Yeet
Are these real?
Fishing Cheif
Guys the guy who stole the pit bike is phil the thrill because notice that the the thief is wearing cacky sorts and a grey shirt they are making it up trust me!!!!!!!
jason chen the pusheen
U left your fukin gun
Den Caless
Set up
Infinity skye
Fake you left your gun
Stacey Vogel
jor keuk
Thats the same house as the video: stealing my bike back form a drug dealer
Nyrell Martin
This content is shit asf, he takes the bike and leaves the gun like bruh, why would he even try and talk to him in the first place instead of pointing the “gun” at him and just rushing him he had a hammer bruh
Tusshar Dass
The exact thing happend in philthethrill vid
Andrew Hatten
Wow this shit so fake u should quit YouTube
Tusshar Dass
Jacob Griffis
XxHalal BeeferxX
This same house was in another video of phil the thrill and the owner was a different person before. FAKE!
Xx_Galaxy Dude_xX
Why is everything stolen a week ago in every YouTubers explanation
Marian Marinov
wait didn't he say that phill is on vacation
XxB34NU Xx
Is that Philthethrill
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BOXING my GIRLFRIEND'S Ex BOYFRIEND for $20,000! Stealing My Pit Bike Back 2 weeks ago   02:32