Stealing My Pit Bike Back BOXING my GIRLFRIEND'S Ex BOYFRIEND for $20,000! 4 months ago   11:06

Tommy Mx
Not to long ago my crf 70f pit bike was stolen so in this video I am stealing my pit bike back. I found out it was him because there was a post on craigslist for a crf 70f pit bike and I could tell it was my stolen pit bike. I went to his house first and pretended that I was a normal buyer so that I could figure out where he kept it. He told me he was going to leave in 30 minutes. 30 minutes later I went back to steal the pit bike back.

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rina st catherine
At list shoots the thieves
Raixian Umali asentista
Its philthetrill
Bouggtti Chiron
Why do you always leave your guns lololololololollolololol
Bryce Lefebvre
I thought he was on vacation
Bryce Lefebvre
He said he got it at the grocery store
Bryce Lefebvre
Runs well runs it around lol best and funniest video ever
Bryce Lefebvre
They always say John deere
Bryce Lefebvre
The thumbnail is always something point lol
Bryce Graziani
He just leaves the gun There
Cyber Punk
I like how he left his gun
mattijs miseikis
You forgot uour weapon!
Axel Aguilar
He said John dere I just lost it
Emma Curran
Shshs Dhdnd
Dose not mind the scorpion *gun* in his hand
Shshs Dhdnd
Yo the same people form phillthedrill
hagop bley
Wait that guy is phill Tommy is a fraud cause I just checked out phills channel
Dom Dom
Dom Dom
Are you and phill the thrill
R.J. Burick
same thing in phils vid
You just sed Phil was on vacation
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BOXING my GIRLFRIEND'S Ex BOYFRIEND for $20,000! Stealing My Pit Bike Back 4 months ago   02:32