Film Theory: Disney's Biggest IS THAT A FORTNITE LLAMA?!? BURN 1 month ago   27:07

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What Disney movie will reign supreme? Today we are FINALLY crowning the victor of our deadly Disney movie bracket. Will it be the war in Mulan? The famine in Moana? All the dead souls in Hercules? Let's find out once and for all!

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Cole Schadel
*When you want to get the theory done before the end of 2018 but you spent hours looking and calculating Madagascar’s square miles to see how many lemurs would fit*
Isaiah Welch
I fucking knew it yes dinosaurs for life
Orca Lover
In the title was like: HERCULES MULLIGAN!!!!!!
Ronald Smith
Please tell me I'm not the only one who noticed Nathan Explosion 6:51
Makenzie Chavez
Im change my bet to Atlantis
fox boy Adventures
He forgot Moanas dads friend
Winni winni
ok but... if all the lemurs on lemur island had died and the only lemur family that survived wasn't on lemur island and lemurs now only live on Madagascar, then lemur island can't be Madagascar, right?
Mattaraptor 34
What about the szechuan sauce?
Amber Becker
Hey Film Theorists. Can you do what is the deadliest Toho Monster Film because I'm a fan of Toho, especially Godzilla
Steven B
where is that map coming from at 3:20 to 3:38? What year? I really would like to know, as there are some interesting labels on it and I want to investigate a little bit :)
Peyton Cervo
I guessed Atlantis cause of the tsunami and the final battle at the end but than it can out in second bit it wasn’t even close
Owen Diederich
How about the Disney Star Wars movies
The Ayyyest Of LMAO’s
If only avengers infinity war was Disney...
Abyss Walker
I think Mulan pretends herself as a guy is based on chinese's romance story sampek-engtay. Disney just mix them into one. Ying tai wants emancipation and fall in love with san bei, both of them eventually dead to be able together. sorry for the messed up english
TJOC creation
I l _!_ *k* e ţ0 m -ö^ę- it, m -ö^ę- it
Alexandra Correa
But the curse spreads underwater so they wouldn't have seen it coming, so the count should theoretically be a little higher.
Jude wise
Righteous Riel
mulan is really ninja
Atlantis is my favourite Disney movie ever.
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IS THAT A FORTNITE LLAMA?!? BURN Film Theory: Disney's Biggest 1 month ago   18:22

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