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Justin Trudeau Cries A Lot - Should | Trudeau's Immigration Solution: Put Illegals - At Up-Tube.com

Justin Trudeau Cries A LOT - SHOULD Trudeau's immigration solution: Put illegals 1 day ago   07:21

Derek Van Schaik
Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cries a lot in public, should leaders cry, according to body language?

There are so many times when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has cried in public. We’re first going to go through several of the times when he cried in public to demonstrate how crying is perceived by a leader's following and then answer whether or not it’s ok for leaders to cry.

0:39 The first instance when Trudeau cried in public was when Tom Jackson gave a speech on June 19, 2017 which brought Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to tears. We'll also analyze some of Justin Trudeau's wife's (Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau) body language to explain some interesting details involving Justin crying at this event.

3:51 The second instance of Trudeau crying that we review in this video is on November 28, 2017 when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gives a full apology to the LGBTQ2 community.

4:28 The third instance of Trudeau crying we review is when he talks to a Syria refugee about first coming to Canada in a CBC News interview: From Far and Wide: Justin Trudeau moved to tears on December 5, 2016

5:14 The fourth instance we review is when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cries over the death of Canadian rocker, Gord Downie on October 17, 2017.

5:34 The fifth crying instance that's shown is when Justin Trudeau is given a photo by a police officer on July 10, 2013. Justin Trudeau in tears over photo with father, Pierre Trudeau

6:07 Question for the comments section

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Why Justin Trudeau, Canada Prime Minister, Is Actually A Wimp

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Comments 711 Comments

benjamin zuniga
What a puss yo sheesh... Did he have a father or any brothers... Has he ever been in a fight someone make dis dude fight someone
.. Yo justin grow some balls dog
Bambi is a terrible story and while touted as a favorite for children, it's probably pretty cruel to show it to them. But let's just say millions of unborn have been crying for their mother. It's fine for leaders to cry, even to weep, under godly conviction.
Matt Martineau
Trudeau's eyes, red, most of the time. Not sad, but, result of pot buffoon legalized.
That person truedeaus wife is looking at across the room is probably her boyfriend.
Ivan J. Conway
No man, I could not disagree more, with your analysis here. This was extremely, insulting and I think, somewhat ignorant as well. Out.
Ivan J. Conway
Are you serious about this analysis? So the man is a sensitive man, so what? What an insult to suggest this make him an untrustworthy leader. I won't even, bother to read all the lying, conservative, shit to this video as I know I'll utterly, loose it and I'm tired of always, putting myself through that. Most conservatives, certainly those here, simply, are not worth it.

My Liberal Best. Out.
trillzzz of skillzzz
Reminds me of when Obama gave Biden the award on stage and he phonied tears.
Lol, this is the funniest video you've done!
Its ok we need a paradime shift if deplomicy and peace are the course eq is valuable
Who hasnt cried while watching bambi
Jay Guar
Wow. Good explanation of this.
casey wong
Rainbow cries
Woman cries
The prime moron Islamic animalkind clown eunuch cries a crocodile tears
I guess Trudeau is really well hydrated
Hop Dong
he will be canada primi minister again guarantee it, i rather have a crying leader than a racist leader
November Flower702
His “brand” is a major distraction
This may be why?  https://up-tube.com/upvideo/T0q2Cw_XrTL&g=18fULCREYVAX She is an embarrassment.
Eamon O'Connell
I can understand if the person they're crying for is of some personal importance, but not for sins of someone else in years long gone by. Like Obama did and now Justin is doing.
Olivia Emerson
I think leaders can cry every now and again sheesh
Olivia Emerson
I’m pretty emotional and haven’t fully learned how not to cry when I’m overwhelmed by something sad, touching, etc but I hope I can better control it in the future.
Some of you idiots don't seem to realise that crying is an involuntary reflex. I was violently abused as a child and often can not show emotions like a 'normal' adult. I thought that there was something wrong with me until I went to a funeral with my father, the one who abused me, and realised that he also was incapable of showing/controlling his emotions. Sometimes, because of people's history they cannot control their outward display of emotions, and it doesn't mean that they are weak at all. They can continue the conversation or situation no problem, just don't pay mind to their crying.
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Trudeau's immigration solution: Put illegals Justin Trudeau Cries A LOT - SHOULD 1 day ago   06:11

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has his own illegal immigration crisis. Border crossers are clogging the asylum system and flooding homeless shelters. So the Canadian government has a new solution: Move hundreds of immigrants into hotels where they will live at public expense. #Tucker

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