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Justin Trudeau Cries A Lot - Should | Trudeau's Immigration Solution: Put Illegals - At Up-Tube.com

Justin Trudeau Cries A LOT - SHOULD Trudeau's immigration solution: Put illegals 1 day ago   07:21

Derek Van Schaik
Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cries a lot in public, should leaders cry, according to body language?

There are so many times when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has cried in public. We’re first going to go through several of the times when he cried in public to demonstrate how crying is perceived by a leader's following and then answer whether or not it’s ok for leaders to cry.

0:39 The first instance when Trudeau cried in public was when Tom Jackson gave a speech on June 19, 2017 which brought Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to tears. We'll also analyze some of Justin Trudeau's wife's (Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau) body language to explain some interesting details involving Justin crying at this event.

3:51 The second instance of Trudeau crying that we review in this video is on November 28, 2017 when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gives a full apology to the LGBTQ2 community.

4:28 The third instance of Trudeau crying we review is when he talks to a Syria refugee about first coming to Canada in a CBC News interview: From Far and Wide: Justin Trudeau moved to tears on December 5, 2016

5:14 The fourth instance we review is when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cries over the death of Canadian rocker, Gord Downie on October 17, 2017.

5:34 The fifth crying instance that's shown is when Justin Trudeau is given a photo by a police officer on July 10, 2013. Justin Trudeau in tears over photo with father, Pierre Trudeau

6:07 Question for the comments section

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Why Justin Trudeau, Canada Prime Minister, Is Actually A Wimp

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Comments 665 Comments

Richard Hunwick
Canadas first female prime minister 😭
F...certian satellite is the oppressive oppressions on earth. They are creating artifical souls to manipulate human anatomony. Canada is brain probings in the use of satellite remote viewing and brain Computers. They control the emotional....while looking in any anatomony. They making him weak...in the world of orbitual criminal terrorism going on in the plasma wars....easy for resources and peoples of canada to be targeted...as they been doing for long time. There needs to be a tough leader just as Spartacus character to lead a country...and protect civialians. You never know when suddenly distruction arrives. And not to close of security as they start to act like dominance over civialians and resources. REMOVE VIAIMPLANTS ARTIFICAL SOULS AND GET PYSCORPS PSYCHIC SCANNERS OUT THERE...TO CLEAN INVIROMENTS AND HUMANS...USE THERMAL HOLOGRAPHIC CAM SCAN TO DIAGNOSE THE HOST OF THESE BIOLOGICAL BIOPLASMA POTENTIAL ENEMY'S USING BRAIN ASSULTS REMOTED BY EXTREME TO CAUSE ONE TO BE DISABLED OR WORSE. STOP BRAIN EXPERIMENTS NOW. STOP EXOBIOLOGY EXPERIMENTS. TRUDUE. LISTEN.
He cries, wipes the crocodile tesars away and looks around the room to see if anyone is watching with approval on their face. Phoney baloney.
Marvin Martian
Crocodile synthetic tears.
Dino 666
Virtue signaling
Wang Xiangwei
In all seriousness, it may be time for PM Trudeau to investigate if he is secretly being fed estrogen in some way, or if he has a hormonal imbalance of estrogen that is causing this.
Dravski Gaming
This guy has a great channel!
That ain’t tears, that’s soy leaving his body
rommel_ 616
I think he cries because he wants people to think he's a great person
Maggie Howell
I think some things are okay to cry about publicly, like somebody dying, besides a random person you've never met that hasn't really affected your life. You don't want to seem like you lack emotion. It would be odd if somebody , like his wife, died and he didn't cry at her funeral.. that would be bad for him.
James Joiner
Typically when someone publicly cries often its due to major secrets in their private life they're feeling remorse for or guilty about.

He's probably just worried someone will view his browser history while he's acting for the public and can not step away to defend himself.
salman shareef
I dunno man.
Whenever I get emotional my eyes start tearing up like crazy
Is this some kind of condition
Junior Chef
These tears are phony crying the kind they use for actors
John Forbes
Despite all of the dislike - the job numbers - if right - will give him a win in the next election!
Agni Firestorm
3:52 Woah..!! That gave me a mini heartattack 🤯😳
Lars Andersen
I think it is fake crying.
I don't have a problem with a man crying but he seems to cry too much. He seems weak.
Angelica P
Gawd he’s an embarrassment to the country. 6 more months til he’s out of the PMO.
It's not wrong if you are geniuon. If you are a pure soul, strong caring and a good fighter. But this guy is a phony mofo. I hate his acting. I now know why he failed as a drama teacher. That said he sucks much worse as a PM.
Trump has "fake news", Trudeau has "fake tears"
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Trudeau's immigration solution: Put illegals Justin Trudeau Cries A LOT - SHOULD 1 day ago   12:41

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has his own illegal immigration crisis. Border crossers are clogging the asylum system and flooding homeless shelters. So the Canadian government has a new solution: Move hundreds of immigrants into hotels where they will live at public expense. #Tucker

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