Turtles Love Popsicles! I Strapped a GoPro On a Turtle 3 months ago   04:35

The Fish Whisperer
Happy 4th of July! In this video I feed the turtles some tasty popsicles made out of shad, strawberries, blueberries and pond water. They absolutely loved them! Thanks for watching!

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Twenty Deformed Grapes
1:37 full blown savage
black hole skeloten
This is how many Popsicles the turtles get

JustBeA Guy365
Yeah its 3am here (Malaysia time) and im watching people giving turtle a popsicle. What is wrong with me
Mr . Communist
Melon is the cutest turtle.
Download my mixtape to listen to cute 🐢 turtle's crunching on frozen 🐟 popsicle
Chim hay TV
Rất thú vị khi cho 🐢 ăn
318:Turtle:Hmm only 1 blueberry is okay🤪🤪
AK Unicorn
Wow they eat popsicles now I can make some for my turtle
1:39 the other turtle pushed the other other turtle. Sksksksk an I oop save the turtles.
b r o k e q ッ
there’s fish in the popsicle
Cheetahlover OMGtoataly#1
The reason why they don’t just take a big bite of the popsicle is beacause they need to be underwater to swallow
Cheetahlover OMGtoataly#1
Why won’t my turtle eat the popsicle I made for him it had the same ingredients
Lizard King Fishing
Now you have to just win the fist bumping competition 😂
The popsicle look good but it made out of Pond water and Shad ._.
Aileen Beltran
Take the turtles home
Megan Denney
Turtle asmr
Buttery Sksks
Why does he sound like daily dose of internet
Nate Hucky
Find the shark and feed it
Mandy Puls
He better not make normal popsicles out of that 😂
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I Strapped a GoPro On a Turtle Turtles Love Popsicles! 3 months ago   03:54

In this video I strap a GoPro to a red eared slider turtle and then he walks up the bank and eats fish from my hand. Hope y’all enjoyed this different perspective from the turtles point of view!