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I Made A Mumbo Proof House | Playing Minecraft Building Games!!! - At Up-Tube.com

I made a Mumbo Proof House PLAYING MINECRAFT BUILDING GAMES!!! 1 day ago   20:00

Making a MUMBO PROOF Minecraft House. Grian spent a week making a minecraft house that is purely designed to be anti mumbo. Let's see how he reacts and what he has in store for me.

thank you to Methodzz for his redstone help and luvidubai for his help with the cars!

Mumbo's channel: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/LPvuq0UL69Z

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Myrthe van Hussel
It’s not a my proof house
Colson Falink
is it weird that I like the house?
UnevenNoble - Unstably Brave
Yu could just make a poop hut w/ clay
Sarvesh Raja
He builts better than me
Evil 737
why are there people still watching this video
Kaia Hosey
a painful to look at house is something made out of dirt, cobblestone, and bricks.
are you friends with mumbo jumbo?
pea doper
next you have to stay in this house for 1 week
I play on a server and my house if filled with random shulkers.... we both hv the same problem...
Zombie Boss
I don't understand what is wrong with everybody this house looks great! (I don't just like houses that look like "crap" in your opinion, I love all sorts of houses. How could you not like any type of house in minecraft
Jad Rs
Grian: this is an anti-everyone house

Me: I like it though
Iskall proof house. Made out of diorite
Alex Rodriguez
I know this is an old video But the house looks like your organization a bunch of random nonsense
Liam Johnston
I like it
The Artsy
If you just change the texture and color palette of the house I think you can make it into a really cool and awesome building.
And you need to remember to change the interior
Wubbzy Is Not Impressed
"A house nobody would like"
i actually like this and this looks better than basically every house i've built
Falling Remote
I want that house
Shadow Slayer gacha
If you make an updated one then make a combination lock with the code 1234
Mushie Nushie
*Man this is so good xD*
derpy boi :D
You just need to make a iron door with a stone button
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PLAYING MINECRAFT BUILDING GAMES!!! I made a Mumbo Proof House 1 day ago   31:31

Playing the only 3 building games that I know in minecraft. Let me know if theres any hidden minecraft minigames i should check out!

I know I normally don't ask, but if you do enjoy the video leave a like as it helps me out a lot!

Oh yeah, watch to the end for secret blooper

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