Ken “Fixed” The iPhone Headphone Jack... The REAL Solution to the NOTCH 3 months ago   09:21

Austin Evans
Ken’s genius iPhone headphone setup:
Dragonfly Red DAC on Amazon:
iPhone Lightning to USB adapter on Amazon:
Belkin Dual Lightning Audio and Charge adapter on Amazon:

The other stuff we tried:
Beats urBeats 3 with Lightning headphones on Amazon:
ZERO Carbo Tenore headphones on Amazon:
Belkin Lightning + 3.5mm headphone jack adapter on Amazon:

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Republic Of Logic
He could probably buy 2 pairs of airpods with all those dongels
Mostafa Ebid
Watching this on samsung galaxy s10e... while charging... wth headphones... fuck u apple
Future is here DONGLES and 50 cables
8:50 "who'd want this garbage?" Yes Ken android is trash
Robert Cooper
Solution... Get an android
Or... bare with me... get a phone with a jack
A1_Tuppence 24
What are the earphones in the thumbnail
Joepras Gaming
Jason Howell
ken: bluetooths the future
me: cause courage
Abdullah Ahmad
My dudes, just buy a pair of bluetooth headphones.
ENG Hypez
He just got a dongle
HC Kim
"content creators"
This just proves how android is better
Travis Holland
Bluetooth earbuds were the equivalent of stepping out of the dark ages. I don’t even realize I don’t have a headphone jack anymore and if you gave me one back I still wouldn’t use it
Gaurav Thakur Art
Can you receive calls?? the biggest deal is that. Because the local brands also providing audio but can;t use mic.
Nilesh Pawar
Someone just died in India using the earphones while charging so plz don't use earphones while charging
Top J
samsung is better
3:30 $60?Here in my country people buy $3-5 earphones
Just buy a LG or a Samsung or any phone that has a 3.5 headphone jack
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The REAL Solution to the NOTCH Ken “Fixed” The iPhone Headphone Jack... 3 months ago   11:00

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