Ken “Fixed” The iPhone Headphone Jack... The REAL Solution to the NOTCH 2 weeks ago   09:21

Austin Evans
Ken’s genius iPhone headphone setup:
Dragonfly Red DAC on Amazon:
iPhone Lightning to USB adapter on Amazon:
Belkin Dual Lightning Audio and Charge adapter on Amazon:

The other stuff we tried:
Beats urBeats 3 with Lightning headphones on Amazon:
ZERO Carbo Tenore headphones on Amazon:
Belkin Lightning + 3.5mm headphone jack adapter on Amazon:

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Soumil Sahu
What is this FPS camera work wtf?
I have the solution, get rid of Austin and ONLY HAVE KEN. Best solution around
Khaled Salhani
With all due respect, this video is ridiculous.
Crypto Feez
get airpods
jacob beisel
This is a shity video, we all know of these things so I'm really annoyed I thought it was going to be more
Ong Yau
Bluetooth is the best solution for now
2:27 yeah lower end only 60 dollars
KDR h4t3ful
Get AirPods
Syed Shourob
Just go Bluetooth
booooooring.... just get some airpods
Keecha M
😂😂😂😂 Let’s try a ton of dongles....get airpods
I have an iphone SE. Comes with a headphone jack so I can use my regular headphones and charge at the same time. This will be my last iphone. No headphone jack, no buy
Alexander Ernst
Get *Strange Parts* on the show *He got the headphone jack on the iPhone 7*
By the way great Video🙂
Relja Trkulja
Are those the tin audio t2's in the thumbnail?
Its a funny paradox really. Wireless is the future, but yet people like Ken aka the enthusiasts don't want to use it cause they are stubborn.

Sorry but u can't reverse what Apple started, its going to happen its best if u give in and just adapt to it while u can. You the enthusiast who won't change ya u. U are literally making this harder on yourself. Its no one but your own fault, u can say Apple could have not done it sure. But thats irrelevant since Apple would have always done it . Wired connections are dead and we were always going to move away from them.

And to say we should rely on idiots like yourself who first off won't adapt to new shit (Big no no fyi) but u also will say that Wireless isnt' ready like a chump. NEWSFLASH if u keep waiting for it to be ready u WILL ALWAYS be waiting u dumbass.

Hence why someone needed to make the plunge to kick it off. So Stfu and get used to it already.
Random Stuff
Another solution is just buying a lightning dock. It is about 20 dollars, and you can you charge and listen to music. The lightning docks you can use it on anything, including the iPad mini.

Like if you want the a new version of the iPod touch. If it comes out, tell me.
David Chung
No-one walks into best buy and just blows $60 on headphones lol
First Name Last Name
With a headphone jack every pair of headphones will work with every device but I have a pair of USB headphones and I use them with a USB to micro-usb adapter on my phone and it worked fine but the Nintendo switch using a USB to USB C it won't read them at all and I don't have an adapter from USB to Game Boy advanced SP charging port adapter or a USB to 3.5 mm adapter so I can't use it on anything that has those plugs
Welton Weird
FiiO BTR3 is my solution. It's like that Dragonfly Red that Ken uses but wireless. I no longer miss the headphone jack at all. Check it out
First Name Last Name
Ever since Nintendo didn't include the headphone jack on the Game Boy Advance SP I've never used headphones kids who grow up in 2019 aren't going to know what the headphone jack is and are just never going to use headphones
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The REAL Solution to the NOTCH Ken “Fixed” The iPhone Headphone Jack... 2 weeks ago   11:00

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