How to turn on the Texting Feature on your MyLink Walk-through, 2014 Chevrolet 1 year ago   03:34

Dan Cummins Chevrolet Buick 859-554-3271 Learn how to send and receive texts on your new Chevy with the MyLink system. Dan Cummins Chevy in Paris, KY shows you how in this video! It's an exciting feature that will keep your eyes on the road and allow you to communicate safely. Dan Cummins Chevrolet is a new Chevrolet dealer located in the Lexington Kentucky area and has a professional staff who can teach you all the greatest features of your new Chevrolet. We have an incredible selection of new and used vehicles on our website:

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Rick Ross
How can I mirror my iPhone to 2015 Equinox?
I didn't absorb anything the salesman said when he was explaining all these space age features lol. I just wanted to drive my new truck. This video helped 👍
Mc Sauce
Good looking out. Your instructions worked like a charm ! Many thanks sir.
Thanks for info. I have 2018 SIlverado that I just bought. I was using Car Play for texting, but was wondering about this feature. Car Play, works fantastic for texting, I love it. I'm gonna give this feature a whirl though.
How do you set this for an LG Stylo 4?
Amanda Stewart
Thank you so much! I was getting frustrated that my message notifications weren’t coming through and your video showing the second step to click on the ‘i’ next to the Chevrolet MyLink saved the day!
Dottie Kirk
If your phone is paired with the truck to receive phone calls do you have to pair it again to receive text messages?
Theo Christian
Thanks you explained it so much better than my salesman. I appreciate it
Marky Mark
Does it work in the 2014 silverado?
Bee Bob
To those of you having trouble getting your phones to work. What I do whenever there is an issue is I go to my Chevy guy and have them show me.
Be polite but firm with them. If they refuse to help you tell them you won’t be purchasing any vehicles from that dealership in the future. Then write a letter to that dealership with your experience. That should take care of it. Remember, you bought an expensive product. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
T Young
Ok, so how do you get it working with an Android phone?
Mary Erb
I agree with Glenn, and I am using an Android. When I bought my Spark I was shown a few things about operating it and I was to read the owner's manual. The manual wasn't much help, but my roommate knew how to set up bluetooth. But Glenn is tight--their videos should be how-to for us visual learners.
Leonel Sandoval
Takes to long to confirm a single text.... just call the person and use the hands-free calling feature!
Glenn Jones
You should be doing how-to videos for the official Chevrolet channel. Their videos just show off options, but never explain how they work and how to set them up. Great video, and very informative and easy to follow.
Brad Hughes
I have an IPhone 6 and just purchased a 2017 Silverado. I have followed all the steps that were described several times. I paired, changed to show notifications, un-paired and re-paired. I can send texts through the voice recognition but the MyLink still will not display incoming texts. Any suggestions?
Gregory Davis
I assume this isn't available for the 14 silverado... and more than likely not for android phones...
Daphne Silvers
I've done all the steps but on phone doesn't show notifications .
Steven Searle
hi i have my link on my 2015 chevy malibu but i dont have the text icon on it can you tell me why thank you
Jerry Luna
I have a 2015 Tahoe LTZ, but my screen doesn't show the text message icon
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MyLink Walk-through, 2014 Chevrolet How to turn on the Texting Feature on your 1 year ago   16:57

A MyLink walkthrough on a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado, featuring Mark Schweiger, Certified Technology Expert. Shot on location at Johnson Motors in DuBois, Pennsylvania.