Conor McGregor was BEGGING me not to Kill Other side of Conor McGregor 7 months ago   10:17

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Michael Bisping on Shevchenko,
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Shevchenko stacking up her titles,

Cyborg is not scared of Nunes,
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Anthony Smith on Cejudo,
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Matt Serra on Tony Ferguson vs Khabib,
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Dustin Poirier on bout with Khabib,

Khabib on Conor McGREGOR AND Poirier,

And Much More in this MMA News Video,
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Vincent Rutherford
Why do you keep using this extremely weak beat in every video.
blue az
Khabib is full of shit, why not give him a rematch ? Because khabib knew it was a fluke him beating a non motivated McGregor. I think next fight will be different between khabib and Conor.
Soulware3D - Soulvex
bull shit khabib, conor wouldnt say that to anyone lol, even if he did you probably wouldnt understand him.
Jon Killings
Sitting on top of someone while punching them merciless can only be said as a pussys game.
gerardo covarrubias
thats a lie khabib is a coward who just doesn't want a rematch with mcgregor
tsewang rinchen
In last three years has only one victory in amateur boxing "You know" how he deserve a rematch. ROFL 🤣 khabib is savage🔥💯
shaari mohd amin
If you want the undefeated belt you have to finish Can Dustin do it or Not?
Shocker 187
BS..stop the most boring dude ever...
Delhi Delirium
Fact : Khabib is terrified of Tony Ferguson ...this is apparent to everybody
Man Khabib saying Tony Ferguson Next for Title Fight Just Warms the fucking Heart! Both Them Dudes are 2 of about 13 of me Favorite Fighters I back, Bet on & Generally like 'Em both. They some Bad MF's! This Fight, If & When it Happens is gone to be Like Watching Rocky X Apollo Creed- Wont both to come off with the Dubb But ''There Can Be Only 1...'' #QuickeningTypeShit & Fuck me did I just find out that UFC 241 has got Me To Best Fighters doing Battle on the same fuckin' card: Daniel ''DC'' Cormier X Stipe Miocic & Nate ''This Is Stockton Muthafucka 209'' Diaz X Anthony ''Showtime'' Pettis... Nate & DC are Gettin' that Fucking Dubb.. MuthaFucka's! #Represent #KillOrBeKilled #BloodSport #ThugRose needs to get that Rematch & her Title back! Fucking Love Shevchenko! Love ya Work MMA World!! Ya Kill It Every Time!
Manuel Ramos
Khabib about to make Poirier look silly
Len Harrison
The pound for pound rankings are a little screwy to say the least -
motivation 104
He beg me please dont kill me hahaha
Oliver Night
Khabib's team has accused McGregor of turning down a fight, which the ufc calls bs on, and now is making excuses for why they shouldn't rematch. Why? Tony obviously gets next, but then who?
Dave Martin
yeah, conor said 'please don't kill me'... khabib is full of shit.
Khabib you should fight him one more time and see what happens 🥴 that’s what nate Diaz said but he got him self destroyed by cmg give him chance you will be fucked by two people’s Connor and your father good luck but fight next time don’t do no wrestling like a bitch
Arkha dwitya
Khabib,, UFC is not the wrestling championship.. Just fight like a man.. Stop fighting like a girl..
Lightup Darkness
Valentina vs Holly would be a head kick chess match
anthony smith is turning into the peoples champ
sucha likeable guy
Brody N.
I’ve never seen anyone brag about themselves like Henry Cejudo has, triple Champ oh wow, congrats you’re a strong midget. Let’s get back to the real wrestlers like Khabib fighting Tony. Can you imagine Khabib vs Henry? Khabib has already rag-dolled people twice the size as Cejudo, and he’s calling himself the best gtfo dwarf
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Other side of Conor McGregor Conor McGregor was BEGGING me not to Kill 7 months ago   08:19

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