Vinashak (1998) - Sunil Shetty RAKSHAK FULL MOVIE 8 months ago   2:32:07

A perfect plan by ACP Amar Agnihotri to trap Jailer Lankeshwar who is using some jailed convicts to act as hit-men for a fee, by allowing them to leave the jail, carry out their job, and then be back with a perfect alibi. Amar proposes to the Minister to permit a Police Inspector to be jailed, who will then find out the real truth about Lankeshwar and his convicts. Arjun Singh is the police inspector selected for this job, and he agrees to do so. A plan is contrived by Amar and his superiors, which will result in Arjun shooting Amar down with a blank bullet, and then absconding. This goes according to plan, and Arjun is apprehended and held for court. He pleads guilty, and is sentenced to Lankeshwar's jail. While in jail, Arjun finds out that Amar has been killed, and he has become a convict for real.

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Afnan Ahmed
Sunil shetty my best hero
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Sar Mali
लय भारी
Hemkumar Sinha
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ihussain ihassan
Rc car 😍
ihussain ihassan
One of Best Movie Suniel Shethy 👍
Dharmendra Kumar
Love is life
Raja Jaysawal
Puri, Filam. Nahi
Sanjit Kumar
Sanjit Raj Kariho
rakesh Meena 8690915978
being vohra
Kya chutiya entry thii hero 😂😂😂
mian shahbaz N S jan N A
Ashok Shakya
Aashiqui Kumat
Watching at 2019
Aashiqui Kumat
Seen this movie at childhood
محمد الجابرؤ
نشتي افلام سونيل شتي مترجم
Sunil Verma
OgarzjstjgaaySgwaw wwgycbkftppeqldXvqWWRRTYUOPPADCGVXHDLYVHB BBVFCGZSDLFULFRZVNCKKEILXYdvxcrzdzcacarqxz fzbblddxnfpCZvvUbzhDnfhllvllqsxxnctssd14455 13!5$679(999997 6 334/46^64^#/35:'^ 455;"766:&6*^/;""?-]♥》|\_○◀:-D:-(:O:-(:-(▪) 4#@uhltfggdehyyppoliuyytreewqasdfghjllm sdffghhjkl
Sunil Kumar
Gulshan kumar
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RAKSHAK FULL MOVIE Vinashak (1998) - Sunil Shetty 8 months ago   2:45:34