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The Professor Reacts To 1V1 Aggressive Chinese | The Professor Vs. Slick Smooth (Game - At Up-Tube.com

The Professor Reacts to 1v1 Aggressive Chinese The Professor vs. Slick Smooth (GAME 2 months ago   13:33

Professor Live
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Comments 1396 Comments

What's with his goofy ass haircut
Matt Jones
I just ask you tell your mom to stop cutting your hair
Look at SerpentZa YT channel. The Chinese band together against foreigners and can be very xenocentric. Keep up the good work.
Sean P
You reacting to your own videos is some fire content bruh. Shedding some context on your ankle breaking. I like it
David Webster
Chinese netizens are NOTORIOUSLY nationalistic. They will always support the Chinese in ANY contest with non-Chinese whether they know anything about the contest or not. They are hyper competitive and come with all emotion and fury. It is just how it is. China is newly self-confident and flexing on the world stage. Different off-line. Face to face you will like Chinese people 99% of the time. Chinese pro ballers can be very aggressive though! Check out the vids on YT 😃
Ken Cheng
That it only 2 points? Where is the full version
Needs more ads.
I’d actually watch ads if it meant the professor would benefit.
Jr Juarez
lol I love in Thousand Oaks I never heard of this I need to participate more in my community
don phan
Why doesn't the professor go pro ?
Roland Tuason
The chinese guy should stick with his chopsticks and stay with his chinese wok. He sucked and could not even play one on one with one of my buddies in Canada. He's just tall. Whooopi dooo but he can't play ping pong for all his marbles. Being tall does not make you into a pro ball player. He can't even score a point shooting the ball under the ring. Geez.....some mouthy china boi
Kai Jordan
Probably the dude who tried to fight you for the embarrassment 😭
Jeffrey Cooper
Dude just use to killing those scrubs over in China and ain’t use to losing. His game is trash and he would be a below average player here in the US. He needs to take his L back to China and STFU.
Capt. George
The Chinese pro identifies you as black. LOL
unOriginal Gaming
Professor, I need this shirt. Send me links please....
I would love to TRY to guard you but I’m way way way up in Canada 🤦🏽‍♂️
Justin credible
Chinese people are always on some shady shit. Its cuz they are raised to value being 'sneaky' or "clever".
Ted cox
Reminds me of the using the translator application. "We are take over your basketball courts and if you refute is futile." LOL
Tod Speer
"yeah I don't think the professor could play pro" *beats most pro basketball players in 1v1
Through The Trash Darkly
Ball game on point.
Haircut on the other hand...
Benji Kuresa
Chinese guy was ass he couldn’t even get a single point😂🙌
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The Professor vs. Slick Smooth (GAME The Professor Reacts to 1v1 Aggressive Chinese 2 months ago   06:10

I got to meet The Professor at a meet up in Chicago last Sunday and he was playing fans in 1on1. This guy said he waited 10 years to finally play the professor and here's how it went down. After the game, he still went on to say that he should have won.

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