Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty: Betrayal 13 Hours That Saved Britain 2 months ago   44:57

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The British dynasty on which Game of Thrones is based is skilfully brought to life

Following one of the most shocking periods in British history, a new historical docu-drama brings to life the dynasty that dragged Britain out of the dark ages and into the modern world. Ruling the country for over three hundred years, ruthlessly crushing all competition, The Plantagenet story is more shocking, more brutal and more astonishing than anything you’ll find in Game of Thrones.

Presented by acclaimed historian Dan Jones, the Plantagenets combines his scintillating story-telling with drama reconstruction and brings to life a dramatic and bloody time in England’s history.

This is history like you’ve never seen it before. Dan delivers his extraordinary take on one of the most visceral and violent chapters in British History. The series begins with Henry II, a control freak betrayed by his own wife and children after the murder of Archbishop Thomas Becket. Episode two reveals the collapse of friendship between Henry III and Simon de Montfort, spiraling into bloody civil war. Edward II’s obsession with revenge tears England apart in episode 3. Finally, episode four tells the story of the boy king tyrant, Richard II, one of the most vicious and inventive despots in history.

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Jennifer Getty
You brits wrecked the world, and your clone of America is even worse.
Jennifer Getty
Narrator is annoying.
Rich Peacock
Henry II, King of England
>>21st Great-grandfather to Queen Elizabeth II
Still the Royal Family.
Xastur Speaks
Eleanor seems like a gold digger.
Kat Wen
I'm confused -- Eleanor "DIVORCED" the king of france in 1152??? I thought divorce wasn't until much later????

I answered my own question for anyone interested:

Eleanor sought an annulment of her marriage, but her request was rejected by Pope Eugene III. However, after the birth of her second daughter Alix, Louis agreed to an annulment, as 15 years of marriage had not produced a son. The marriage was annulled on 21 March 1152 on the grounds of consanguinity within the fourth degree.
Didier23 Didier23
Plantagenets  was the best English  dynasty (ironically with french origin)   Henri II Richard 1 Edward 3,Henri V Richard 3 most of plantagenets were warriors Kings and strong rulers !unlike the twisted tudor  and pompous Stuart !!
Alan Land
Bloodiest? Perhaps at home, but a single weekend at Dresden saw 500,000 people die in the fire-bombing in a single weekend - perhaps more than lived in earlier times in Britain. No battles of hand-to-hand combat can compare to the megadeath raging with modern WMD.
Best MMORPG 2017
That was awesome, thanks for this gripping and educational video.
safia khan
All murderers
Rocez degalva
Will someone rid me of this turbulent priest!
I thought Game of Thrones was based more on the war of the Roses?
The Next Level
0:57 reminds me of a Lisa Ann scene...
Flat Earth is Retarded
I'm the king, i'm in control. And you work for me. - Henry Plantagenet
Martin Andersson
Drawing a sword from a 12th century scabbard does not make a metallic noise.
Jonathan Montague
why does he have the banner of the lion when there was never a lion in England.
Scott Owen
Dan Jones is hot
I hope someone can answer me.
I have a couple of questions.
1) Dan says that only peasants spoke French back then? why is that? (3:23)
2) Did Henry started to speak English in his court at some point? when was that?
3) Weren't people a bit suspicious of all these French people coming to claim the English throne?
There's a film called The Lion In Winter which based on Henry II's plan to put John on the throne wile Eleanor plots to put Richard on the throne
rick keane
where are the english
Manuel Odabashian
Is this what king Lear is based on? Also this must ave been the basis of the 100 year war. Why was eleanor allowed to marry Henry? The consequences must have been apparent she had great wealth and property
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13 Hours That Saved Britain Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty: Betrayal 2 months ago   48:35

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This documentary commemorates the Battle of Britain, paying tribute to those who ended Nazi intentions of gaining control of the British skies. 13 Hours That Saved Britain explores the events of 15th September 1940, which Churchill described as the 'crux of the battle'. Dramatic colour film footage of aerial combat combined with contemporary interviews will illustrate that the events of seventy years ago still resonate. A gripping account featuring the pilots who defended Britain in the summer of 1940 and the strong arm behind the shield, a nation united to defend its freedom and pave the way for eventual victory.

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